Thursday, 27 March 2014

What to Wear to Work with Fashion World

I firstly want to apologise to Fashion World and my readers for taking so long to get this blog post together, I have been very unwell recently, trying to adjust to new medication, and just trying to function, after finally being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, hopefully I will be here now more regularly that I am functioning slightly better.

Office wear is something I hate buying! I rarely work in a job that requires me to wear suit anymore and I find office smart/casual impossible to balance most of the time. I always seem to swing to far one way or the other. 

I have recently been working for my local county council on a part time basis, and the dress code was office smart/casual! I found that people seemed to dress in a huge variation of styles of dress around to offices, some were super smart and some far too casual for my taste.

When Fashion world offered to let me pick an outfit for the office I was very excited, it was a chance for me to see if I could pull off the elusive smart/casual mix!

These are the items I chose

This bag is really lovely, it is smart without looking too dressy, which is fabulous!

I love this cardigan and it is perfect for work with smart trousers as much as it with jeans.

I went for a printed dress in monochrome as I just seem to love the look, it comes in 3 lengths which is brilliant for all the short and tall girls

So how did it all work out?

I love this dress, it fits beautifully, love the tile print pattern and it is going to be brilliant for the Spring and summer, this is how I have been wearing it recently, for work I would normally wear it with tights, but I had just ripped a massive hole in my last pair so this is it teamed with my leggings. 
I am wearing it with my Fluffy Cardigan which you can also get through Fashion World as I prefer the look of it with the black cardigan over all. It doesnt look bad with the Cardigan and I adore the cardigan I just love it with my trousers for work more.
Here is the dress with the Cardigan and the Bag, it looks lovely but just not perfect for me, I do highly recommend it though as I live in it both at work and at home with various other outfits.

Head over to the Fashion World Work Wear Promotion HERE, they have picked out some gorgeous outfit choices for the office and shop all the work wear options HERE

I am loving there blazers and may need to get one for the spring as they can be an ideal alternative to a coat as the weather improves.

Do you have a work wear staple, one you find pulls all your outfits together, let me know.