Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Mary Jane heels

Hello there my fabulous readers, sorry my posts have been so sporadic, life has been a bit full on for quite a while but things are slowly getting back to normal.

This weeks post is a bit of a cop out for me as I couldn't get any pictures taken today due to more life stuff this afternoon, this means that my pictures are from a previous post, and I will add some links to my current favourite Mary jane heels.

I have had these shoes forever, they originally came from Dorothy Perkins.

I love that the heel isn't crazy high. 

I am a huge fan of Mary Jane style heels as they make me feel secure in the shoe, so I wont fling them off at passers by!

I have added a few of my current favourites for you.

Remember to go see the other gorgeous ladies, and I will be back next week with a much more fabulous post!


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge - Days 11 - 19

Day 11 - Sell yourself in 10 words or less

Calm, confident and just a little insane! Thats me

Day 12 - What do you miss?

I miss many things, the original Mountain dew (the stuff out now is crap!), on TV I miss Heroes, Charmed, A town called Eureka and so much more.

But seriously I miss my grandparents the most, three of my four have passed away and I miss talking to them and visiting them, but most of all I miss my Gran who is in scotland, it has been a really long time since I was able to visit her and our finances this year are making it look unlikely I can visit any time soon.

Day 13 - Issue a Public Apology

Day 14 - Ten things that Make me really happy

These are in no particular order

1. My Dogs

2. My Family

3. My Husband

4. My friends

5. My Blog
Got to love the dodgy shots!
6. Nutella

7. Tenacious D

8. Learning new things

9. Winter

10. Gardening

Day 15 - A day in the Life

I will catch up with this one tomorrow

Day 16 - Something difficult about your "lot in life"and how you are working to overcome it.

For the past 10 years I have been treated on and off for varying levels of depression and anxiety disorders, I am working to overcome this in many ways through medical treatment, making changes in my life and trying to understand more about my condition.

Day 17 - A favourite photo of yourself and why

I love this photo - it reminds me I am lucky to have two people in my life as insane as me!

Day 18 - Tell a story about your childhood

I remember when I was very small, possibly around 3 years old. My dad had been digging up the front of our house, to put in a driveway I think and I was out there helping him (this meant playing in the mud and being generally grotty) I vividly remember finding a massive worm and thinking it was amazing, I grabbed it up and ran in the house to find my mum.
When I did I shouted look mum a worm! I remember thinking it was the best thing ever and mum mum would obviously just love it too, but when she saw it she screamed eww and chased me out of the house.

I wasn't a normal three year old girl!

Day 19 - Five of my favourite blogs and what I love about them

Mrs BeBe - I love becky, she is such an amazing person in real life who I count as a friend, I love her style!

Curvy Wordy - Caroline has an amazing figure and a Lingerie collection to die for! she is an amazing friend and a beautiful person!

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust - For a long time I had a ver similar bust size to Georgina and she is my go to gal for bras that I know will work for me.

The wardrobe challenge - Hanna is awesome, she is brilliant fun and I love her style!

Life on a different level - This is my sisters blog, it is a total mixed bag just like her, and I love her!

Mhairi xx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Panache Swimwear - Review

I was recently gifted the stunning Tallulah Swimsuit from Panache to review, I was instantly attracted to the deep blue colour and the vibrancy of the print.

I love a good tankini but sometimes I like the simplicity of a swimsuit, especially when swimming at the local swim centre, bikinis and tankinis I find best for holidays.

The Tallulah is sized by bra sizes which for me is perfect, I have tried many dual sized swimsuits that say they are suitable for G-H cups and have found them to be useless.

My usual bra size is a 38H, but I find sometimes in swimwear that the back feels off so I asked for this to be sent in a 40H and it is perfect, it is supportive and comfortable, and encompasses my ample bust fully which when I am swimming for fitness is very important to me.

The back closes with a bikini clasp, I usually prefer a bra strap closure, but this one feels sturdy and like it will stand up to regular use.

The colours in real life really are gorgeous, I am not shy about colour in my clothing and blues are some of my favorites to wear, the solid colour side panels give a nice curve effect to my shape which is great if that is important to you.

This swimsuit is bright, colourful and fun, without being garish it isn't really one that lets you fade into the background, so if you want to be noticed and you are not afraid to be seen I highly recommend it.

Panache have an amazing range of swimwear and most patterns come in a full range of styles to suit everyones tastes, I have my eye on the high waisted briefs and the bikini top in the Tallulah at the moment, but I just need a holiday to wear it on.

What is your swimwear preference, Bikini, Tankini or swimsuit? 

Head over and take a peak at the Panache range, I think you will like it. 

I am going to leave you with a little list of my current favourite songs that are keeping me in the summer spirit.

My choices are weird compared to most but these are what I am listening to at the moment :)

Tenacious D - Wonderboy
Tenacious D - Tribute
Mumford and sons - Babel
Lady Antebellum - We owned the night
Biffy Clyro - God and Satan

Not your usual summer anthems I know but all me.

What is your summer anthem?


Saturday, 13 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8 - 10

Day 8  - A piece of advice

The one piece of advice I follow myself is stop worrying about the numbers on your clothing labels where what makes you feel good.
My wardrobe has clothing in it from a size 16 to a 24. xxxx

Day 9 - A moment in your day

Yesterday I was feeling down so I curled up on our garden swim and read for most of the day this picture was my view when I looked away from my reading.

Day 10 - Most embarrassing moment

Well there are so many, I am not sure which is the most embarrassing so here are a few.

When I was a teenager I was running down the road ahead of my sister and looking back at her, because I was not paying attention I ran straight into a lamp post.

I also once climbed over a chain link fence and as I tried to jump down my leggings hooked onto the fence and I was left dangling.

I had a TV fall off a wall in spain onto my back and pin me to the table in front of my parents restaurant!

There are so many more that I may have to add to this. 

What are your most embarrassing moments??

Check out the other gorgeous ladies.


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

30 day blog challenge - Day 6&7

Day 6 - What do I do?

Todays challenge is to answer the question what do I do, but not with my job.

So what do I do? Well, mostly I study, knit and read, everything else is kind of my job as I am a housewife and step mum so my daily life is mostly working for my family.

Not the most exciting life I know but it makes me happy. x

Day 7 What am I most afraid of?

As I have already mentioned I suffer an anxiety disorder so to be honest everything scares me, but I thought harder and my genuine fears include spiders, I am not scared of tarantulas at all, but a house spider will send me screaming up onto the chair in a hurry, I know thats ridiculous but it is true.

I am also scared of my loved ones getting ill, my nephew has a rare genetic kidney disorder ARPKD and last year my dad had a stroke so it has all made me very aware of my family and there future health.

I am sure there are lots more but those two are the ones most likely to keep me awake at night.

What are you most afraid of?

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Monday, 8 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5

Day 5

Professing my Love 

This is hard for me as at the moment I love so many of my blogger friends.
There is the fabulous Curvy Wordy who I love and adore because she is beautiful inside and out, and just gets me, she always knows just the right thing to say to me and I smile every time we speak.

Then there is Hanna from the Wardrobe challenge who is just fabulous!  I love her style and she is so much fun to hang out with, I cant wait till I get to see her again!

Next up is Becky from Mrs BeBe She is a wonderful person, and awesome mummy and blogger and I love getting to spend time with her in real life!

And last but not least is the gorgeous Toni, of the Only way is Toni, who I love as well, she is so much fun and a totally gorgeous. 

I can not wait until I get to hang out with all these fabulous ladies again soon!

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30 Day Blog Challenge - Catch up of days 1-4

Day 1

The story of my life

Well lets see, I was born I Guisborough in Cleveland on May 7th 1981, We moved tottenham when I was about 4 and then to Edmonton when I was 8 where I stayed until I was 21.
I was with my first boyfriend for 9 years from the age of 12 and we managed to make each other pretty miserable in the end and at the age of 21I decided to change everything and ended it.
I had spent 2 fantastic years at college and made some amazing friends but I hadn’t been able to keep in touch with them after.
My best friend at college was Andrew and he decided I needed a night out, so he arranged for us to go out with lots of our old college friends to cheer me up, on this night out Marc one of my favorite people from college came out, and my 4 days of being single came to an end, that was March 2002, we got engaged in May and Married December 16th 2002 and nearly 11 years on we are still going strong.
My life right now, consists of studying for my open university degree, looking after my husband and step-son as well as our three dogs and this blog.
I am not working right now, but hope to get back to it some time soon.

So that is pretty much me, not very exciting but I love what I have!

Day 2

Teach you about something I know a lot about.......

hmmm, I need to think more about this one, as I do not feel I can teach anyone anything right now, I learn everyday.

I will get back to you all about this one!

Day Three

Things that make me uncomfortable

I suffer from a fairly severe anxiety disorder so there are unfortunately many thing that make me uncomfortable but large groups of people make me very uncomfortable, I avoid most social events.
I am also agoraphobic so pretty much anything outside my front door makes me a little crazy.

Day 4

Favorite quote

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 
― Oscar Wilde

I love this quote, I live my life trying to just be me!

My other is
“suck my fat one, you cheap dime store hood!

This is form the film Stand by me and is one of my favorite lines in a film ever, I don't know why but it just always makes me laugh and I want to say this to someone just once when they piss me off!

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