Saturday, 29 October 2011

Next Wide Fit Boots Review

Knee High Boots!

Every year I live in a pair of knee high boots for the winter, finding a pair that fit can be a bloody nightmare, but I fight every year and I think I have found a winner ready for the winter ahead.

I ordered these boots from the next directory yesterday and they arrived today, that is pretty fab really.

They are very comfortable and fit my legs nicely I have them on with tights and knee high socks, and tried them on over leggings this morning, I don't think I would be able to get them over jeans unless they are a very thin material.

I ordered these in a wide fitting next also have a few styles in extra wide fit, but for me they are too wide in the foot and ankle, I have big calves but fairly thin feet.

The leather feels supple and soft and the details are gorgeous I love the studded straps round the ankle.
The boots are designed to be pulled on but have a small half zip on the inner ankle to help with getting them on over your foot, I could wear these with so much and cant wait to get out and about in them, you may get bored of seeing them as I honestly will live in them.

If you take a look at the next website, the only thing to be careful of is the wide fit section has some standard fit boots on the same page, make sure when you are ordering that the size is shown with a W next to it in the drop down menu.

all in all I am very pleased with these boots and will buy more in the future, well done next,  please bring us some more styles or bring out more of your standard fits in a wide fit, I needed wide fit even when I was a size 12, I have always had wide calves.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend

Love Mhairi. xxx

I purchased these boots myself, and have not been asked to write this review, all opinions are my own. xx

Saturday, 22 October 2011

ASOS Curve Love!

Why oh Why do you make me want so much ASOS

ASOS recently have been drawing me into a shopping lust frenzy, even though there have been a few reports in the blogging world of fitting problems, I really want o get my hands on this little lot and hope they have got it right!

This dress just does it for me, I love the colour, the neckline the length scares me a bit, but I think I would be prepared to brave it!

I actually did a little dance when I saw this come onto the site below are a pair of shoes I have had for age, they aren't to everyones taste, butI have a little obsession with Iron fist shoes and have been looking for the perfect black dress to rock with them. This is it! 
My lush shoes!

I like that this dress is one Navy, Two a decent length and three has see through sleeves which I have a bit of a thing for at the moment, the only bad points for me is it looks far too fitted to me, and it is at a length that on me would probably reach the floor!

Love the colour, the shape and the length, it is soooo pretty.

This is not my usual like, but it keeps drawing my eye back to it, and making me go ooohhh ahhh.

So So Pretty, I love a good Tutu!

I am still on the hunt for my perfect party dress, ASOS have many strong contenders, I wonder how they all fit! 

What do you think of the selection above, which dress appeals to you?

I will hopefully get some outfit posts up, but this last few weeks have been exhausting and stressful, and I have been living in scruffy clothes, that are ok to get covered in puppy messes! 

Mhairi. xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Tights Glorious Tights!

Autumn is her and I can feel winter on its way! This makes me ridiculously happy.

Winter has always been my favourite time of the year, I love to be warm in layers of clothing and boots, and and the lovely @katyme on twitter asked me to do a blog about tights.

I am just starting to look for some gorgeous tights for my winter wardrobe so I can still wear my skirts and dresses through the winter months without freezing to death!

These are a few of my favourites that I have found so far.

Yours Clothing are offering some gorgeous fashionable tights at the moment, I love these Black Sheer Side Slash Look tights and at £8 I think they are a fab addition to my wardrobe. 

These Suspender Tights are a fabulous plus size alternative to the house of holland tights, I cant wait to get these on!

Evans Purple Pointelle Tights, They are purple what more can I say!

This pair of Floral Lace Tights from Evans could make a simple pencil skirt look amazing.

Again from yours these Black Studded Tights are gorgeous, make me think of rock chic or a little nod to the fetish trend this year.

Now for coloured tights the best place seems to be WE Love Colours, So many bloggers have raved about them that I will be making an order as soon as I can, they have 51 colours to chose from in the plus range and they also do stripped, patterned and leggings, go take a look the choices and brilliant.

My search for fabulous tights will continue and if I find more I will pass on the information. 

Mhairi. xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My Simply Be love affair is growing strong!

Simply Be.

My love affair with Simply Be has been around for a while but I am finding myself drawn more and more to the site for a peruse and drool session.

At the moment, they are trying to kill me with so many lovely things and the temptation of visiting their new stores, but without a job at the moment, I cant really justify buying clothing, but this hasn't stopped me looking and believe me, as soon as I get a job, my wardrobe will again be groaning under the weight of all the gorgeous clothing I will be getting from Simply Be.

These are some of my current obsessions from the website!

I love all the detail on this dress above, from the sequins on the shoulders and the mesh panel down to the dipped hem at the back, it is so effortless and easy to wear for a night out.

This is simply Be's take on Miu Miu and I love it, such pretty detail on the print and a gorgeous shade of red could easily make the transition from day wear to night.

BIRD PRINT! My little obsession and I have been finding it really hard to find a print I like which will go to my size, I love that I could pop a long sleeved top under this and stay snug and warm over the winter months, but carry it into the spring without!

I saw this dress on a few people in the review photos from the Liverpool store opening and thought it looked simply divine, my obsession with butterflies goes back a long way I have 12 butterflies tattooed on myself and own many items with them on, this may have to be on my christmas list!

Coats! Coats! Coats!
As you know from my previous post Coat shopping is the Bane of my life, I literally have panic attacks at the thought of going to buy one, but I am also obsessed with owning them and have at least 7 at the moment, but this coat ticks all my boxes, I wish I knew what the quality of it was like as the price is more than I would usually spend, but I want it so badly!

I have been looking for the perfect pair of lace up boots for a very long time, and I think these are exactly what I am looking for! Not too dressy but could work in many situations, they are rather yummy!
These boots are my perfect work/going out boots, they are sexy and have the most exquisite detail, I think I might become slowly obsessed with these boots!

Simply Be thank you so much for making and continually improving the outlook for plus size fashion! as soon as I am working you will be swamped with my orders I am sure!

Love Mhairi. xox

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Coat shopping is my most dreaded time of year, I love coats, I have about 10 in various sizes and states, BUT... Every year I am reduced to tears, last year was in BHS the year before was in Debenhams, the reason for this is the utter frustration of the differences in sizing from shop to shop and even in the same shop.

I have boobs, so often even when I fall in love with a coat I cant do the bloody thing up, my husbands dreads my coat shopping trips and I honestly cant blame him,.

Below are a few I have fallen for online some I will never be able to wear, but a girl has to have a dream right?

The Dorothy Perkins red duffle coat is such a pretty colour and I love the patent buckles, this should go around my boobs!

Next is the Camel piped duffle coat from Evans/ Style 369 it is very lovely but camel can make me look a bit washed out so would have to try it.

The Simply Be Double breasted duffle coat is divine, but due to my boobs I doubt I could wear it, this makes me a sad bunny :(

I love the ASOS coat, it just looks so cozy and warm, but I cant decide if it is worth the £95 price tag!

Anna Scholz, omg I love this cape, never liked them until I saw this on the gorgeous Boombands Em in her Anna Scholz review, and she looked stunning in it!

What shapes do you find best and where do you shop for the perfect coat.

Please feel free to leave a comment, I do love getting them :)

Mhairi. xxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Evans A/W Collection Lookbook

Collection at Evans

Last seasons Collection was gorgeous, I was so sad to miss out on getting the bits that I liked but, having just looked at the LOOKBOOK at Evans I WILL be buying a few bits this time around!
A few years ago I used to walk into Evans an walk right back out, nothing would fit me right and would look like something an older person would wear, but recently I have been noticing some fantastic changes, the colours are getting better the cuts more beautiful and the quality so far has been great.

Now, either I am getting older or they are getting better, I am going with getting better!

Take a look and tell me what your favourite pieces are, mine are the rose print blouse and pleat skirt the butterfly tunic and jeans and the first dress.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Puppies Puppies Puppies!

OMG what a week, I have felt sky high rock bottom and everything between!

I left my house last Saturday to go stay at my mums for the week to help out with there dog ruby who was due to give birth to her first litter.

She went into the first stages of labour that night and started to have contractions on sunday morning, she had the first pup at 10.30 am and the final one at 5.30pm. she was exhausted but seemed ok, she had food and a drink after and managed to feed the puppies with some help all 6 of them, we began to worry as she was struggling to keep feeding the pups and very exhausted and still having minor contractions later in the evening.
After a chat with the night vet we took her in, as I wasn't sure if she was in trouble with a stuck pup of still had placenta to birth.
After an examination and some injections to induce more contractions it was discovered she did have placenta left so I am glad we were observing her so closely as it can make them very ill.

In the next few days she tried very hard to feed her pups but through the exhaustion and pain she wasn't handiling it too well so we too the vets advice and I am now hand rearing the puppies with the help of my husband.
It is sure to be exhausting but such a wonderful feeling to see them grow from strength to strength, need to find them the perfect forever homes or ill find it very hard to say goodbye to them, but i will keep them safe and health for Ruby as she is such a beautiful and loving dog who I adore!

The first pup Dexter who I am keeping.

His nickname will forever be lord voldermort as he looked like him for the first 3 days :)

All 6 of the pups

A very exhausted ruby!

7 day old Dexter

we gave the other pups names so we can keep track of them below is Sirius

Then Ron

Harry, he has a little zigzag flash of whit on his back :)


The only one not harry potter related was the pup below who is a little girl and was born 5th so my mum called her Chanel (Number5 )

Sorry No outfit posts from last week as I was mostly in pyjamas and Joggers all week so it didn't matter if they got dirty helping with the pups.

of for the next feed, they are every 2 hours day and night so I may be a wreck by the end of the week.

Love Mhairi. xx