Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fatshion Faceoff - Shorts


My Fatshion Faceoff post is late this week as I have had the craziest day, my little puppy Nell got over excited with our other dog and got caught by a tooth on her cheek, unfortunately it turned into an abscess, so today has been vets and snuggles for my little lady.

Until all the craziness started we had planned a relaxing day or walking dogs and me getting ready for a press event I should have been attending, which I had to cancel.

So this is my shorts outfit, its pretty casual, but I kind of like it, I felt sassy! 

Excuse the not so good quality phone picture, it was really all we had time for today.
The top is from Newlook last year and the shorts are cut off jeans.
My shoes are from Tescos.

I am not sure I am a Shorts convert I may have to try more to see how I feel about them, but for now I think I will still be in skirts and shorts.

Don't forget to go check out the other fabulous ladies involved in the challenges.

And here is a little picture of my poorly baby girl, you can just see her swollen face :(

Send her get well vibes. xxx


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Evans Collection - Phase Two

Collection Phase Two

Evans Collection is now in its third year and I have to say I am finding myself drawn to more and more pieces, below is a selection of the SS12 second phase which is due out this saturday.

1. Black cotton dress £75  2. Jade Strapless Dress £90 3. DK Tan Lace Dress £55 
4. White Lace Dress £80 5. Back Lace Dress 6. Floral Shirt £45 
7. Blue Maxi Skirt £45 8. Floral Tunic £50 9. Nude Laser Cut Top £35

I am in love with the Tan Lace Dress, and the black lace dress as both seem so versatile, I have a wedding in november and I am tempted by both of these as they are both so classic and sexy.
The have added some fabulous on trend aqua colouring into the collection, this does it for me simply because it is my favourite colour, and while the floral blouse isn't my usual cup of tea, it does look mazing in the PR shots.
I have added a selection of the PR shots below to show you how they have styled them, I am hoping I can get hold of an item from the collection at some point in the future as I really want to see if the quality is worth the price.

Some time next week I think I will head in store and try on some of my favourite items and see what I love.

Have you bought any items from the collection, do you love it?


Review - Groupon


A little while ago I was approached and asked if I would like to review a Groupon voucher, I decided to give it a go as I was unsure how I felt about the Groupon experience.

After searching through, I realised there are so many options, I am not one for beauty treatments but there is something for everyone from hair colouring and cuts, to waxing, electrolysis and teeth whitening.
You can take discounted meals in amazing restaurants and hotel bookings for short getaways.

I decided after mulling it over for a few days I wanted to do something we could do as a family, and I was excited to see that they had an offer for Paradise Wildlife Park which is only a short distance from the town I live in,  so decided to take out the family Groupon offer.

The offer is either 2 adult tickets for £16 or a family of 4 ticket for £25.

This deal can be found HERE

I would say it is worth signing up if you like trying new things and even if your looking for a night out as they often have meals and events and they cover many parts of the country.

My experience was excellent this time so I think I might give something else a try to see how I get on, the voucher was available the next day for me to print and park told me to just come on the day I wished with the voucher, most other vouchers you need to prebook so be aware of this.

These are just a small selection of the animals we visited, I will try to do another fuller post on the park itself as we had a lovely day out.

Go take a look at the site, and if you are in the area, paradise is fabulous especially if you have younger children, or if you are just a big kid like me :)


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fatshion Faceoff - Floral Skirt

Floral Skirt

So this weeks Fatshion Faceoff was chosen by me and thinking about what I have in my wardrobe but avoid wearing because I find it hard to pair and my my floral skirt came to mind.

I love dresses as they are easy to style without to much effort, but I find separates difficult to wear, but I am always up for a challenge and love seeing what the other fabulous ladies come up with.

So this skirt is quite a few years old but is worn so little that it is still in good condition, and really needs to be worn, it is my favourite colour, and it seems I have a thing for floral stripes.

As the skirt has vertical stripes running down it, I decided to try it with my new Striped top from Tesco's which is also striped, but it is blue and white so though hell i will give it a go.

so this is how it all looked, this beautiful sunshine gave me the chance to pop on my wedges and get some sunshine to my tootsies.

hahaha, I managed to close my eyes in both photos, but my teeth are still so sore, I didn't have the energy to go try again, so sorry. xx

Go check out the other fabulous ladies in the group they always look amazing! 

So do you like florals or do you steer clear?


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tescos F&F AW12 Press Day

Clothing at Tesco has improved amazingly over the years but I have to say the clothing I saw at this event were truly beautiful, and on a whole new level, take a look through my day here and enjoy it as much as I did.

So many photo's and this is not even half of them!

The venue was fabulous we were at One Marlebone opposite Great Portland Street Station.


The whole range of clothing we had the chance to see were just beautiful to be honest, but I honestly on more than one occasion found myself saying simply WOW.
They have gone with 4 Main trends which I have put together from the PR shots for you to see below.

Pictures from 
According to the write up Salute is a new take on the Military trend which is more luxurious and evening-appropriate than previous seasons, with luxe materials.
Pictures from
Belgravia is aiming for the street style of London and the glamour of Paris, with its laid back chic style with a glossy luxurious edge.
Pictures from
I like this description from the press info, Neo Gothic is 2012's update on the glam goth trend, it is seductive, dark and dramatic with an elegant, edwardian twist.
Pictures from
Heritage is an eclectic mix of traditional fabrics with a country house style with equestrian details for the lady of the manor look.

All of the above was taken from the press look books we were given on the day.

I have to say that Neo Gothic and Belgravia are my favourites and I can see my purse taking a bit of a beating this AW12 season, the textures and tones just suit me.

Below are some of my own photos from the day to give you a fuller idea of the fabulousness to come!

Everything had a very luxurious feel to it, the lace top on the right is beautiful in person.

The Coats and Jackets which were on offer were amazing, the quality felt far higher than I have ever seen in previous years, and the prices were fantastic, I think both of the above were around the £40 range, the military on the left is my favourite of the day the tailoring and detail were fantastic, The wax like jacket on the right looked fantastic, far higher end than the price suggests.

Animals seemed to be a bit of a theme with squirrels, rabbits, swans and birds taking centre stage, the squirrel made me giggle with its furry tail!

I loved both of these pairs of boots, I am not so sure the knee boots will fit my Calf but the Chelsea boots were really lovely!

The shoes and boots on offer were beautiful the colours are beautiful the jewel tones above are stunning and the Navy bag needs to be mine ASAP, whilst on route the venue we walked down regents street and passed the Michael Kors Shop and this bag is so similar to the ones sold there that I cant wait to get my hands on it!

And the lace bag above is just yummy, as were the shoes.

Last bit from the AW12 collection it the top and Jacket above which I really need in my life too!

There was a whole section at the venue aimed at Menswear and children's wear which I didn't get much of a chance to look around so I might do a separate post and show you some of the PR pictures of the items to come separately

But here is the room it was in, just so I can show you how fabulous the venue actually was.

If you cant wait till the AW12 collection comes out we also got a peek at the High Summer range which will come out in the next few weeks there were tribal, tropical and pastels on offer as well as some transitional pieces and it was pretty fabulous.

High Summer


 Ok I will leave it there now, but I just want to finish by saying a huge thank you to wonderful ladies from the PR companies and from tescos who made us feel welcome and treated us so well. 


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fatshion Faceoff - Scarf

A Scarf

This weeks selection was made by the lovely Mouna of Brussels Fatshion and we are working with accessories this week namely a Scarf.

Unfortunately I only own one scarf that is for wearing with a dress or top, the rest are really for wearing over a coat, so I have improvised, to show you the reasons why scarves can be a brilliant addition to your wardrobe and why I will soon be adding many more to my collection.

Today I am wearing a lovely dress which I bought from the lovely Kathryn of MissKathryns Miss Takes, It is a a gorgeous spotty dress, the scarf I have is not a good match for this dress and I will be getting a green or black one to wear with it, but I will have to make do with what I have for now. 

Scarves can be a life saver to any outfit, this dress is particularly booby and has a tendency to gape, I wear a vest under this most of the time, but a scarf is a good way to make the dress more work or daytime friendly.

I really would like to find a lovely green scarf which will work well with the green spots.

Well I apologise for the outfit not being fully put together but I am pleased with the look overall and will love it once i have found the right green scarf.

Go check out the other gorgeous ladies in the Fatshion Faceoff crew I am sure the look utterly fabulous as always. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lust List - May

I have been eyeing up so many things recently but these items are on my list of must haves!

Left to right

Dorothy Perkins are also having their 25% VIP week at the moment, so head over and take advantage if there is anything you want!

As you can tell I am still on my dress obsession, and all of these ones above need to get in my wardrobe quick sharp!

Left to Right

I am loving all the beautiful pastel colour at the moment, and a plain white shirt is always a wardrobe staple for me, I love them with jeans and layered over vests.

Schuh just kill me, I find myself lost for hours on the website and it worse if I am in a shop where I can try them on.

Whats on your must have lust list at the moment?


Friday, 11 May 2012

Eveden AW12 Press Launch

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of spending the day with some amazing bloggers, all thanks to Caroline, who is possible one of the most beautiful and lovely women I know.

I was so excited to attend the AW12 launch from Eveden as I am a huge fan of most of the brands under their name which include Freya, Fantasie, Elomi, Fauve, Huit8 and Goddess.

I certainly wasn't disappointed with what was on offer this coming AW12 season.

The venue was the Swarovski cafe, which is upstairs from the main shop opposite liberties, the shop was divine!

Prior warning this will be photo heavy as there was so much to see but it is worth it to lust over the pretties!

The first thing I saw coming up the stairs was the Fauve display it was very pretty to look at and all the scattered crystals were supper pretty if you are between a D and a GG cup you have some very beautiful choices on the way

My Two favourites were the beautiful Midnight Blue Marla Which should be available in July, and the lovely Dominique which can be seen behind the Marla which is due out in August. 

This nightwaer caught my eye too, so petty and sexy the back detail was gorgeous! 

Freya as usual had some gorgeous offerings, it still makes me sad that they don't quite work with my shape, but I will forever keep trying!

Freya speaks for itself in the beauty stakes, the patterns and colours are always beautiful and I want just about every set :) 
This one really caught my eye the butterflies were so subtle and pretty The Martha, but I am utterly devastated to see it stops at a G cup!

Elomi had some very pretty offerings but by far my favourites were the Valentina and the Paloma, the Valentina has such a pretty vibrant red the petals are super cute! but the paloma is so sexy in the luxurious purple colour with the metallic thread, this is one I will have to try when it is released!

Huit8 had such stunning style that made me think of art deco era with sexy shapes and colours, the size range seems to go to a DD cup, so no good for me, but stunning if you fit the range.

These caught my eye!

Finally in the lingerie section I want to show you Fantasie, who I genuinely love, they are one of my favourite brands as they were the first bra I ever owned after I was fitted correctly for the first time! 
I havent had anything from them in a while but having seen what is on offer i will be remedying this as soon as possible!

This has to be mine the black lace over the gold was just diving, I need this in my life! 

This one also really caught my eye and may just have to find its way into my underwear draw!

To be honest the whole range was stunning to me, it is simple sexy and I just love it!

OMG look at this set, the green colour is just beautiful I was so excited to see this is is super super sexy!

There are lots of gorgeous new swimwear sets coming out too and I need to find something that fits my ample bosom fast!

There was a selection of nightwear which looked gorgeous!

And the Freya active rang which includes a new swimsuit and a sports top with built in bra!

So that was everything, it was an amazing day and so much fun was had, I even got to go see Ghost the musical thanks to the very lovely Caroline and Natasha, but I think I will blog about that later. xx

Hope you survived the crazy amount of photos, but there was just so much to see and I wanted to share it all.