Monday, 28 November 2011

Review - Simply Be 1

Navajo Knitted Shrug Cardigan

Simply Be very kindly offered me the chance to pick three items from the current catalogue for review, I was ridiculously excited!

I wanted to choose three completely different Items one for casual, one for daytime and one for a night out.

The first Item I am going to review for you is my casual choice, I have 2 adult dogs and 2 puppies so spend a lot of time over parks in heavy coats trudging through the mud, but get far too warm in my coats so I was looking for something that would be warm and comfortable.

This is what I ordered - The Navajo Knitted Shrug Cardigan £40

This looked so gorgeous on the model I knew I had to give it a try.

I ordered it in a 22, but I am notorious for believing I am bigger than I am, and probably could have easily got away with a 20, but I love how cosy it feels and know if I needed to be warmer I could fir a knitted jumper under for an extra layer.

The pattern I feel, does make me look bigger than I am, but I just don't care, I popped it over my sheer blouse and a cami top and i was so warm and snuggly.

This Cardigan is going to be a lifesaver when it comes to the christmas shopping as I always get hot and frustrated lugging a big coat everywhere, this is fabulous as I can leave it loos when inside shopping centres but pull it round close when on the high street!

See snuggly and warm! 

And who can resist a swirly item of clothing!

look out for the crazy lady in the park!

And just one more picture as it made me laugh!
yes I am mildly insane! 

My overall verdict of this cardigan is it is lovely, the colours are gorgeous and it feels nice, it isn't itchy, this is very important to me as I can be incredibly fussy about knitwear, if it is even a little scratchy I just cant wear it!

I think for me it is a very useful item, for everyday use, popping to town walking my dogs, shopping and lounging happily at home, and would happily pay the £40, but would order it in a 20. 

please excuse me looking so pale and my extremely bad hair day, sometimes I just like to be as nature intended :) 

Mhairi. xxxx

Disclaimer : This item was given to me free of charge from Simply be for review, but all comments are my own and I have not been asked or paid to give any items a favourable review.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gift guide for geeks - the man in your life!

For the Geek in your Life.

Many of the men in my life, my husband and one of my best friends included, are total geeks, so whilst searching for gift ideas I found so many fab items, I thought I would share.

1. Converse All Star Hi Heros and Villains $59.99 from Journey shoes
Schuh also have a selection of the Comic Converse but the hero and villains were my favourite!

2. Blade Runner style LED Umbrella. $24.99 from Think Geek 

3. Morph and Chas Bookends £16.99 from IWOOT

4. Batman Wallet and Belt Gift Set £14.99 from Forbidden Planet
also available in Superman and The Joker.

5. 8 Bit Tie $14.99 from Think Geek
Available in blue and red.

6. Samurai Sword Chop Stick Set $9.99 from Think Geek
you choose from the 3 colour available!

7. Body or Brains T-shirt $19.95 from Splitreason

8. 'Ties Suck' Tie $24.99 from Think Geek
Love this tie, it says Ties suck in binary.

9. The Artwork of Tim Burton £49.99 from Forbidden Planet
Ok So this one is for me really.

10. Broad Sword Umbrella $39.99 from Think Geek

11. Dr Who T-shirts From £15.99 from Forbidden Planet
They have a selection of T-shirts based on the costumes from the 1st to 11th doctor, I just loved the 10th!

Sorry a lot of the Items are from American sites for my UK readers, but they do have some amazing items. 

I am also putting together a geeks guide for the women in your life so watch this space. x

Mhairi. xxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Simply Be SS12 Launch event

Yesterday I had the pleasure and privilage to be invited to the Simply Be SS12 Launch, it was such an amazing day and I saw some gorgeous clothing and underwear that I cant wait to get my hands on.

I will start my account of the day with my journey, which turned out to be so embarrassing and hilarious that it kept me going all day.
When I got off my train at kings cross and headed for the victoria line to get myself to oxford circus, I noticed my skirt was very swishy in the wind walking to the underground, but I didn't think anything of it.
I should have.... as I entered the platform for the victoria line, a train was just leaving the station add a big gust of wind flew down the tunnel, this resulted in my skirt flying up and over my head revealing my tights and knickers to the people on the platform, the guy nearest me was trying so hard not let me see his smile but to be honest I was laughing so hard I did not care.

My only thought was, well if I can survive that I don't need to worry about the rest of the day, and I really didn't.

I took a few photos from the event and more can be seen on the Simply be and Simply yours blog pages so make sure you check them out.

This is going to be a lot of pictures.

This gorgeous White and Red set jumped out at me the instant I walked int he room, I love a good polka dot, and this is a GOOD polka dot!
The shape wear all looked divine, with beautiful lace panels and sexy shapes so much nicer than the often boring black or frumpy looking sucky in bits of the past!

I need a holiday just so I can both of the retro inspired polka dot swimwear and also the other red/white/blue print tankini to the right, they looked absolutely fab!

All the other colours looked gorgeous too.

Chanos bra with the most gorgeous little details, so pretty.

The lovely Ceri from Curvyguru

These WILL be mine!

Finally a company is realising we don't all want to wear shapeless black tents!!

Pretty Bags and sandals for the summer.

My picture doesnt do them justice but these were such a gorgeous coral colour and the heel looked perfect, anyone inviting me to a summer wedding?

Lace and pink, felt gorgeous!!

Think I have found my summer maxi dress.

Loved how vibrant the colours are.

Loved this dress fat girls CAN wear white!

The girly pink flowers on this little shrug jacket were just gorgeous.

And the jumpsuit teamed with it, may have tempted me to give one a try, it felt soft but the material was heavy enough that it didn't feel like it was going to cling in all the wrong places and hang like a sack.

Not usually one for yell but I loved this blouse with its tiny black stars all over, think this will be added to my wardrobe as well.

And all of us bloggers together.
Back left to right Em from oh the places you'll go, Ceri from curvyguru, Naomi from Diamonds 'n' Pearls, Me, Georgina from fullerfigurefullerbust.
Front left to right Lauren from pocketrocket and Rosie from A rose like this.

All the wonderful people i met yesterday were so friendly and made me feel welcome, especially as I was a nervous wreck, I really hope I get to spend more time with them in the future as I had a fabulous day.

I would like to say a special thank you to Charlotte Simply be who has been so fantastic inviting me along and allowing me to select some gorgeous items from the current collection online at Simply Be for review.

So watch this space my reviews will be coming up in the near future.

Mhairi. xxxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dune Shoes!

My love of shoes goes back many years, I think it came from my granny!

I have about 50 pairs at the moment, but used to have well over 100 until I got rid of all the tut filling my wardrobe.

After seeing some talk of dune on twitter from other bloggers I went off and had a look through the site, It has been a few years since I purchased anything from them, and after looking at the site I have no idea why I stopped, so many pretty shoes in the collection!

But the ones that really jumped out at me were these fabulous shoes.

HOLLY D - Online Exclusive Sling Back Sandal £99.00

My Favourite colour are the gorgeous peacock Blue/Green colour ones, Jewel tones at the moment, are making me very happy and I love the way these shoes look as though they will hold your foot and be comfortable to dance the night away in.

 They also come in these other gorgeous colours.

As soon as I find a way to add these to my collection I will let you know if dune were worth going back to and if they are as comfortable and as gorgeous in person as they look in the pictures. 

Mhairi. xxx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christmas Wish List Part 2

Dear Santa

1. Dorothy Perkins Purple Metalic Heavy Jersey Tee £16.40 (sale) 
I love the metallic look to this tee, and I also have a thing at the moment, about the colours purple and green, but this top is also available in gold and silver, and I want them all!

2. Dorothy Perkins Leopard Print Loafer Pumps £14 (Sale)
My husband hate animal prints, I am  not sure where he gets it from but he does, so I am trying to find ways of sneaking it in!

3. River Island Black Leopard Print Satchel £37
He might notice the handbag :) 

4. Michael Kors MK5263 Ladies Watch £199
Rose gold is so pretty, I never wear gold but I love this watch!

5. Evans Green Straight Leg Jeans £35
Green Jeans Rock, that is all! they also come in red, and I will have them too!

6. Pin up Girl Vintage Style Pink Sparkle Train Case $112
Who doesn't need one of these in there life! I want to put all my lovely hair and make up bits in here and feel like a lady

7. Apple Ipad2 WIFI & 3G with a smart cover 
I need one in my life!

8. Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette £31.50
So many people rave about this, I have so much crap makeup, it might be nice to have something special.

9. Dorothy Perkins Grey/ Aqua Heart Jumper £32 
It is just pretty!

10. Dorothy Perkins Nude Unicorn Sweat Top £22
I love this and the hummingbird version. 

Apart from the watch and the Ipad, the bits here are a bit more realistic, next time I may have to be ridiculously unrealistic :)

Love Mhairi. xx

Monday, 14 November 2011

Jumper dresses

I have been asked for a guide to finding some nice plus size jumper dresses, so I have been scouring the internet to see what I can find.

I love this jumper it looks so cozy I always get too warm so like the short sleeves and would wear it with a long sleeve top under if I needed the warmth. It is available from size 14 to 28 from the style 369 website.

This jumper dress is available from Evans from a size 14 to a 32

I like the detail on the hem of this dress, and and the shape is good for skimming over the sins, Evans have a nice collection this winter!

I love the gorgeous jewel tones around just now, greens and reds and purples make me happy, this happy number is from Ann Harvey.

Lovely detail around the neck stops this stone coloured One stop plus dress from being boring.

Simply be have a nice collection too, this one looks soft, but I am not sure how it would cope with my big bust.

I love the cute hearts on this Jumper again from Simply Be and I think it looks long enough to wear with leggings as a dress, but best to check length first I am short so everything looks long to me!

This dress from Simply Be looks so comfy and a nice wool too.

I am not sure what the wool is like in these dresses, I am extremely fussy, if it is even slightly itchy I freak out and can't wear it, but most people aren't as insane as me :) xx

Mhairi. xx

Blog Award!

Yesterday the Beautiful Olivia from Wait until the sunset gave sent me my first blog award, which is super sweet and amazing!
Go check out her blog if you haven't already, she has the prettiest smile in the the whole blogosphere and amazing style!

* Link back to the fabulous blogger you got the award from
* Write 7 random things about yourself
* Fill in the question form below 
* Give the award to 10 other blogs and let them know :)

7 Random Facts about me.

* My name Mhairi is Scottish Gaelic and is pronounced Vari.

* I met my husband at college in 1997 when I was 16 and after college didn't see him till I was 20 we started dating in the march, got engaged in may and were married in December the same year.

* I cant even draw a convincing stick man.

*My body rejects all piercings, which is very frustrating as I love them, it took 3 belly, 1 nipple and a lip to convince me of it though! I can wear earrings for about 3 hours.

* Once when running down the road I managed to hit a lamppost.

* I am obsessed with horror stories (Books and Films) 

* We very nearly moved to paris!

Question Form:
  • Name your favourite song:  Bon jovi Diamond Ring
  • Name your favourite dessert:  Chocolate fudge cake
  • What pisses you off: Working your arse off in your job, and watching the lazy arses progress!
  • When you're upset, you: Cry like a baby!
  • Your favourite pet:  Dogs and Rats
  • Black or white: Black, I think I am still in my slightly goth stage!
  • Your biggest fear: Never fulfilling my dreams! and house spiders!
  • Best feature: My eyes, They are green and I have super long eyelashes.
  • Everyday attitude: Believe in the good stuff or it will never happen!
  • What is perfection: Snuggling with my husband.
  • Guilty pleasure: Nuttella on satsumas

10 of my favourite blogs are:
CezzaTron Curvy Girl blogs

All of the blogs above are the ones I began reading first that gave me the inspiration, confidence and drive to get on and start my own.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


WOW 2 days in a row with new outfit posts!

Today I was down to the dregs of my wardrobe as I ran out of washing powder a couple of days ago but was too unwell to go get more.

So today I am wearing a dress as a skirt, it is a Tesco summer dress, it has 2 layers so is quite warm, a plain black Dorothy Perkins basic Tee and my Next jacket which came as a set from the current catalog, all this with my super comfy Next wide fit boots!

Weirdly the skirt looks pink in the picture but it is more orange, I think my husbands camera phone got a bit excited!

Jacket - Next £32 (part of set)
Dress (as skirt) Tesco £7 in sale No longer available
Tee - Dorothy Perkins £4 last year
Boots - Next Wide Fit £85

Mhairi. xxxx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Ok I have done another outfit of the day post, I got this dress a few weeks ago in the Dorothy Perkins sale and I love it.

Green and purple are my favourite colour so I am often drawn to them, I also loved the circle skirt.

I look awful in the picture but I am really not feeling very well right now, so the way I see it is, if I am brave enough to show you myself at my worst I can show you pictures of me on better days :)

I could do with a better bra under it, but It made me feel pretty on a crappy day :) I also picked up a lovely black dress in a charity shop today for £6 so i will get a picture of that for you soon.

Hope you are all having a good Wednesday.

Love Mhairi. x

Monday, 7 November 2011

Dangerous FX

On Saturday Night I was at the Hammersmith Apollo seeing Evanescence, it was an amazing concert as always, it was the 3rd time I have been to see them and would go again. 

I ended up in my usual jeans and a top as I was feeling anxious and stressed so couldn't decide what to wear.

Whilst I was there I saw so many gorgeous girls both plus sizes and not in the most gorgeous Gothic and pinup clothing, and decided it was high time I got off my arse and started wearing some of the clothes I love and not worrying about it so much.

This led to me searching the net for fab plus size suppliers and brought me to Dangerous FX, they do a fantastic range of clothing from a size 8 to a size 30 in various ranges some don't go that high, but there is a excellent range to choose from.

Below are some of my favourite styles, I plan on ordering something very soon so I can let you know what the service and quality is like.


I think this dress is so sexy and cute all at the same time, and available up to a size 28 is fantastic. 


I love a good fishtail coat and anything with corseting detail is a win in my eyes! 


How cute is this skirt, I love the buttons the braces and the shape! 



I love seeing this dress on a gorgeous plus size model, as it gives me hope I could look good in this dress and really makes me want to buy it.



What a gorgeous dress, the polka dot panels and bust line are stunning, the shape is gorgeous!


I want to be all nautical in this dress, it is so lovely.


I may be just a little bit obsessed with this jacket a well, do you see a pattern, coats and jackets are my downfall. 


Again a gorgeous plus size model for the picture makes me want this dress!


I love this with the red trim, it is so pretty and would be fantastic over christmas. 

Sorry for such a picture heavy post again, but there was so much I liked I couldn't choose, I haven't been asked to write this post, and have not yet tried the clothing but will update you as soon as I get something and cant try it on. xxx

Let me know what your favourite pieces are from the site, go visit them at

Mhairi. xxx