Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fatshion Faceoff - Patterned/Crazy Legwear

This weeks Fatshion Faceoff has been so much fun, its fallen on halloween which is fantastic and it has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone im on a whole new continent!

Now as some of you may have gathered from previous posts I am just embarking on an open university degree which means a whole heap of self study and a very exhausted me, but im not sure if I mentioned I am doing a Natural sciences honours degree and im thinking of taking an astronomy and planetary sciences pathway with it, so my choice for tonight was an easy one :)

I chose these Galactic Sky tights from Pamela Mann, I cant find them on the site anymore, but they have the most amazing selection of plus size tights and there are so many I need to buy!

My only negative about them it the waist band is rubbish and has no real elasticity to it so I would have to wear a fitted pair of knickers over the top to keep them up! but they feel beautiful and strong and silky soft.

As its halloween I went for a witchy look just wish I could have found a witches hat to wear with it :)

I teamed it with my Grazia lace dress which I received for review last year from simply Be and my £3 Newlook shoes as I thought the studs looked a bit starry.

I adore my new tights and need to find excuses to wear them!

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fatshin Faceoff - Floral Dress

This weeks Fatshion Faceoff was chosen by me and unfortunately I am so unwell today that I haven't managed to take any photos, so I am being a little naughty and showing you some older photos of me in my various floral dresses, the first is my newest dress and one of the favourites in my wardrobe.

I bought it from Simply Be not really knowing if I would like it but when it arrived I fell in love with it instantly, it is the Fit and flare mirror print dress form Simply Be and is inspired by D&G, it is not often us fatties get something so pretty and on trend! It is fully lined and a very nice material that is quite stiff, but not restricting.

Simply Be Fit and Flare Dress £70
My second floral dress is this beautiful maxi which I purchased with the gift voucher I received from Becky of for filling out her survey, she ran a prize draw for everyone who filled it out.
I adore this dress but Haven't had much use of it yet as it is very long and I need to get it taken up a bit first, so will be getting it sorted soon, as I want to wear it this winter with long sleeved tops to and jumpers as it will cheer up my winter wardrobe!

Yours Clothing Navy Bird Print Maxi Dress £35

 My last floral Item is my Glamourosa tunic from Simply be which has a little ditzy floral print on it that is very pretty, I have had my tunic all summer and worn it to death and it it is now a bit too big for me, but I don't want to let it go so have been wearing it with a wide belt to cinch it in a bit.
If like me you have an ample bust the Glamourosa range is very good.
This one isn't available anymore but there is a purple long sleeved one available Here

So ladies do you do floral, do you like bold or discrete florals let me know below, and make sure you check out the other gorgeous ladies in there florals!

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Jileon Wide leg Wellies - Review

Back  in april I received an email from the lovely James at Jileon, they were looking to bring out a new design in there range and wanted some input from some of us bloggers as to which designs we liked best to help them choose, I choose 2 pairs I liked one of which was chosen and is now available.

At the same time he asked if I would like to review a pair for them once they came into stock, so I said yes and a couple of weeks back they arrived.

Limited edition floral design
Image source £49.99
I loved how vibrant the colours are and it reminds me of the warmer spring and summer months, especially now its so dull and wet outside!

When they arrived i whipped them out and put them straight on, but sadly one of the buckles had broken, but James on hearing this offered to send me a replacement set so from a customer point of view, they definitely look after us!

When they arrived the buckles were super easy to fit and worked a treat, I was sent replacements for all four so they were all the same buckles.

As you can see in real life they are just as pretty and vibrant in real life as they are in the stock photo above.

I did find I have a little bit too much room in these and could probably try there normal wide fit range instead of the extra wide which goes up to a 50cm calf, so check your calf measurements before you order as if it is below 46cm go for the wide fit.

They have some fabulous prints available in the range and if your not into bright pinks the extra wide range has more traditional options like these blue ones.

Image source £49.99

As well as these fun ones in a spot print.

Image source £49.99
Overall these boots are fabulous they are well mage have a decent grip on the sole so good for muddy fields and pulling dogs or just enjoying a walk.

Jileon also have a good selection of children's and mens wellies I would love to see them offer a wider fit in the mens ranges too as I know my other half has a difficult time with mens ones.
They also have an excellent range of liners and boot bags on offer.

These are on my list to get as soon as possible!
Image source £7.99

and I have this rather fabulous boot bag in my possession now so thank you James!

Image source £10.99

The items sent to me for review were given as gifts but all opinions and words are my own!

I highly recommend a visit to the Jileon website for a look round for all your wellington needs, they can also be found on twitter as @Jileon_Wellies and on Facebook.

A very tired looking me after a stomp about down the park in my boots saying thank you to James and Jileon and see you all soon!

I have just spoken with James and have been informed that mens extra wide fitting wellies are coming in December and if you want to order some boots from Jileon use code BL10 to get 10% off your purchase. 


Saturday, 13 October 2012


Today Marc and me had a day for us, we went out for some lunch in town and had a little look around the shops and the saturday market stalls.

There isnt very much to get excited about in my town as it is very small, it has a New Look which is tiny and of course stocks none of the inspire range and thats about it unless your under a size 14 and like expensive designer boutiques.

Today though I hit the jackpot in New Look they have a sale on at the moment and they have dropped the prices of the shoes in the sale to ridiculously low prices, today I managed to pick up 2 pairs of flats for £6.

Now New Look flats never last very long with me but for £3 who can say no both are fab for wearing with my jeans and dresses and I love the bow detail and the colour of the purple pair!
We also popped into Mrs Simms sweetshop which is one of these new old fashioned places that have popped up and I get myself some of my favourites!

 I also got this fab calculator last week for the Maths module of my degree course and I have a blog post to write about the crap customer service I received when I got it, but it was so pretty I just had to share!

Hope your all having a fab weekend, I have a review for you tomorrow so keep an eye out and I will see you then!


Friday, 12 October 2012

Getting back on track!

Hey lovely readers,

I just wanted to pop a little not up to say sorry for being a little away from it recently, I have just started my first 2 modules of my open university degree and have been having a very off few weeks health and  mind wise, but im getting back on it!

There should be a couple of fabulous review posts up this weekend and I promise to have some extra posts in the pipeline for you all!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Fatshion faceoff posts and for sticking around.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fatshion Faceoff - Bodycon Dress

This week has given me serious fear, I am coming along the road to accepting myself and being happy in the skin I am in but I still do not particularly like myself in a Bodycon dresses, I am a lover of circle skirts and dresses so this challenge was a little worrying!

The amazing Hanna has lent me a dress for this weeks challenge so I can try it without committing to it if I am not keen! this is a great way to try new fashions to be honest, trying them in the shop is great but i like to wear something and move about in it a while to see how I actually feel, so if you have good friends who can let you come over for a dress us session go for it, give it a whirl and you might be surprised and find something new to search out in the shops and wear with love!

So here I am in the dress.
Please excuse the quality of this weeks picture and the lovely location have been busy with first assignment for my course.
I love my dog Ron's face even he knows when I am not sure, I love the dress so so much but felt odd wearing it as I am just not at all used to it, but maybe with some better bridgett Jones' on I might feel better.

The dress is from Simply be and is the one Hanna wore on the simply be catwalk, I couldn't find the exact one online but THIS is a similar shape but in a gorgeous red

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