Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Thrifted Bag

This weeks challenge is a Thrifted bag, I used to have a fair few but they have all mostly fallen apart over the years, luckily I still have one which I love, it is possibly a bit 90's but I still love it, mainly because of its hint of tartan.

It is a pepe jeans branded bag made of a denim material with metal strap with tartan ribbon through it.

I have teamed it with my outfit from today which is High waisted blue leggings form Simply Be, I have 2 pairs of these now  they are ace! My AX Paris jumper and my fabulous parka jacket c/o Fashion world, I have a lovely post coming over the weekend which has some Q&A from the lovely Claire Richardson of steps fame, and and outfit from her selection for Fashion world.

Now back to the bag, I love charity shops, I am lucky that I live in a very affluent town and my charity shops are pretty ace, one had a pair of Louboutin shoes a few weeks ago, I didn't dare go in and ask to see them as I was skint and would have wanted them!
But designer clothes and other items are not hard to come by, if you are willing to have a good dig around!

So what are you thrifted find, anything special??

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Monday, 25 February 2013

We all fall down!

Sometimes life feel like a kick in the teeth! The last few month for me have felt like that often, I promised myself 2013 would be better than 2012 and it mostly has.

I started a new job a few weeks back but unfortunately I have had to give it up due to it being too many hours alongside studying my degree, I am genuinely in awe of people who manage to balance full time study with full time work.

This situation threw me into a major funk of depression and anxiety, but I seem to be clawing my way back out of it.

My disappointment in myself has been hard to shake but I need to realise that I am actually proud of myself for trying something that even 3 months ago would have been utterly impossible for me, I went to my job, I tried and although it didn't pan out, I didn't leave because I could cope with the job itself but because it jeopardised my ability to complete my degree.

Today I am making a go of turning a corner and getting on with my life as I know it and I am not going to dwell on what I have not done but what I can do.

Today is finally my gym induction and I have an appointment to see my GP so going to get back on track.

I am still trying to catch up on my review items that I have had since November, which means reviews are popping up fairly regularly, sorry if it is too much, but normal service is nearly ready to resume.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Trench coat

Well I have to apologise for my post being a little late, this week has been a little crazy!

MY only trench type coat is one I save for spring as it is very light weight, and is also a lovely minty green colour that is great for the springtime.

I couldn't find the belt for it which means it is likely stored in one of the many random boxes of stuff in our spare room and is likely lost until I can get some extra storage space and unpack the items that aren't in use.

But I do love my coat, I bought it from Next quite a few years ago and it has held up well.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it how I normally do.

My boobs are still a bit big for it at the moment, so cant do it up yet but it is a gorgeous flared skirt style trench.
I am wearing it with my High waisted Simply Be leggings which are awesome and my favourite ax paris Jumper that I got form Simply Be too

I like a the little ruffle details on the back

and Front. 

Are you a trench coat kind of girl? or guy?

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Designer eyewear do I or dont I

When I first started wearing glasses I was 21 and just saw them as a functional item I had to put up with, but over the years I have developed a bit of a love affair with my glasses, and see them as an item of clothing to enhance how fabulous I look.

I always have two different pairs on the go at a time but really want more, so I have choices for all my outfits.

I am a regular Specsavers customer, and love the price ranges and options the have on offer, but I am finding myself more and more drawn to options that not everyone is wearing.

sometimes I am drawn to higher end designers or independent shops that have something to offer a little different to the usual high street options.

I recently came across the fabulous site for Eyewear brands and they have some amazing designer brands on offer.

Here are a few of my favourites.

I found myself drawn to the gorgeous delicate pale minty green colour in contrast to the harder black. Such a beautiful pair of glasses.

I love the marble effect of these and again with subtle hints of green in there too!

These are my favourite pair as I adore the shape and I like the paler colour as I have lots of dark frames already but would love a paler pair like this.

 They also come in this more standard tortoiseshell and black as well as  more unusual shades.

                                                                             Tom Ford TF5224 NIKITA 56J HAVANA

These gorgeous Tom Ford Cat Eye frames are rather fabulous.

These are gorgeous I adore the shape!

I just had to include these frames as they are awesome!!!!

I plan on taking a look at some other sites to see what else is on offer if these posts are of interest to my readers.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

OOTD - SimplyBe and Ax Paris Curve

Wanted to give you ladies a little look at my outfit from today, I ordered this dress from Simply be from the Ax Paris range a while ago and I am in love the colours are so perfect and it is so soft to touch that I can't help loving wearing it.

Ax paris really do produce some fabulous items, I also bought a gorgeous soft touch jumper from the range that I will show you as soon as I get a chance.

The dress has been worn and washed and has done really well I was a little worried about the fabric fraying as it is quite delicate but so far so good.

Boots - Rocket Dog
Cardigan - Matalan

My face is swollen today, and I am not sure why, hoping its allergy and not teeth as cant cope with more dentist!

So So Pretty!

I also wanted to show you the fabulous coat I received from simply be a while ago, I haven't been able to show you straight away as all the snow was a little unsuitable for the leather look sleeves.
the body of the coat is lovely and warm but not stiflingly so, but I do find I need a cardigan on under to make the sleeves warm enough on a colder day.

I plan to solve this problem by slipping a light weight fleece under as soon as I find one thin enough as I don't want to add bulk under it.

The colour is gorgeous and rich and I love the collarless style, but I would love to see something similar  but in a swing skirt style coat as it is a very up and down coat, but it is so lovely I forgive it and wear it to death!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.


Anna Scholz Black Label and White Label SS13

I recently had the Anna Scholz Promotional SS13 emails land in my inbox and wanted to share with you some of the fabulous designs Anna has given us yet again.

Black Label

Starting with the gorgeous printed jersey skirt and the peplum top, I love the simplicity of this outfit, but the fantastic colours in the skirt, so eye catching, this is a perfect work outfit for me, or a lunch date with the girls.

I love the Neon hues in this fabulous maxi skirt but love even more how Anna has teamed it with the beautiful pinks and greys, giving us the neon trend in an easy to wear way, that for me isn't too young.

I still cant decide if I would be able to pull off a pyjama trouser suit but this one rocks my world, and I would certainly give it a go!
It is sexy flirty and perfect for Spring and summer!

Now I might get a little bit crazy over this jacket...Be warned.
When I saw this it immediately jumped out at me, the Parker is very on trend at the moment, but I find most very harsh looking or way to young for me.
Oh but not this one, I love the shape, the colours on the butterflies and dragon flys (I am obsessed with them), but I also love the length, if this jacket is in your reach I say grab it and look amazing!
At the moment, this is not in my price range but I think I will have to try to save up for it as it really is my perfect spring summer jacket!

Next I want to show you a few of my favourite White Label Pieces.

White Label

The colour of this first dress is divine, and the model is stunning, I love her shape!
it is sexy, yet subtle and so so pretty!

I adore this and could see myself looking amazing in it, at some wonderful spring summer weddings and parties

This was the first dress I saw an image for in the new collections and I said WOW out loud, I love the shape, the colour pops and the monochrome, it is simply stunning!

Now Even though Anna's collection is out of my range at the moment, I know for some of my readers she is not, and as I own one of her Cashmere wrap dresses from a few seasons ago, I can honestly say that the dresses are worth every penny.

When I have more free money I would certainly make a purchase or too, as these are pieces that could last many many years in my wardrobe.

Head on over and take a look around ladies, I am heading over to lust after the parka a bit more!


Friday, 15 February 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Patent Shoes

Hello to my fabulous readers

So so sorry that this weeks fatshion faceoff post is a little late, on wednesday i thought it was still tuesday and they yesterday was just insane with one thing and another, so I thought I would show my favourite Patent Heels and also a fabulous dress from simply be as a treat.

I am including this one here as I have already posted a little sneak peek of how I wore it to work earlier in the week, and thought I would show how I would dress it up for a night on the town in my sexy shoes!

My shoes are a very old pair rom Dorothy Perkins that I bought for a Job interview, but they are fabulously comfortable!
The dress is from the Anna Scholz at Simply Be collection and is amazing!

This dress is such a vibrant colour, but as soon as I put it on I feel fabulous.

This is how happy the little pocket type section makes me!

All ready for a date with the husband!

Here is the picture from Instagram of me wearing it for work.

Sorry it is a bit grainy mirror shots are not the best :)

The shoes are no longer available at DP so here are a couple of pairs of patent one I am lusting after right now from Schuh

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Monday, 11 February 2013

My Perfect Valentines Day Gift - Love for shopping - Shopping in love

This is my entry to the Groupon and Bloglovin contest.

I Have been thinking about what would be my perfect valentines day gift to be given, this is my luxury, money isn't a problem gift, as I have said before a girl can dream!

My day would start with being whisked into london in a nice luxury car, we would arrive at our hotel for the night nice and early in the day.

Whilst looking for spa breaks recently I came across the amazing One Aldwych.

We would stay in one of the amazing luxury rooms.

After dropping off our bags and having a chance to get freshened up, we would go on a bit of a shopping trip for a couple of hours.
I just cant go into london without a bit of shopping.

When we would then head back to the hotel for a lovely lunch and an afternoon of relaxation and spa treatments.

Finishing off with some time in the amazing pool.

Once all the pampering is Finished we would have a fabulous meal in the hotel.

Our evening would be spent in the best seat, watching The Phantom of the Opera

Hopefully this will give me the chance to pull out one of my fabulous dresses

The rest of our evening would be spent in our hotel room, with drinks treats and snuggled up watching movies.

Now that was my no holds barred version, my actual night will most likely be spent eating a take out and snuggling on the sofa with a movie and to be honest that is perfect too!

Love for shopping


Friday, 8 February 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - IGIGI Valentines Review

The wonderful team over at IGIGI recently agreed to taking part in a Fatshion Faceoff challenge, this one is a little different to our brand challenge as they asked us to each select something for a special valentines night out.

I chose something extra fancy in the hopes Marc will take me somewhere swish, I might be having a case of wishful thinking but a girl can dream :)

The dress I chose is the Cassandra Infinity Gown which is currently on sale.

Below are the different ways IGIGI styled the dress

I love how versatile the dress is.

I did find that on me it is a little log in the body and skirt so will be having this altered a little and the sleeves are really long on me, so once I have a new strapless bra, I will be trying it out without the sleeves to see how I like it.

I am very much in love with the dress, it just needs some tweaking to get it just right for me, It is probably best suited to a taller person but I will make it work!

IGIGI also have a whole section on the site with valentines ideas which can be found HERE

Now on top of the chance to see us all in our fabulous dresses, IGIGI have kindly given myself and each of the girls a $50 gift certificate to give away, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions and enter in as many ways as you like from the options, but remember to go to the other ladies sites and enter with them too as there are 5 vouchers to give away.

I just want to take the time to say thank you to IGIGI for sending us all the dress, and also for making some of the most fabulous plus clothing on the market.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Biker Jacket

Good evening my fabulous readers.

This weeks item is the Biker jacket, but I have to admit my photos are from a while ago as due to my new job starting this week, I am a little unorganised and forgot to recharge the batteries on my camera.

But this is still how I am likely to wear my jacket, so they are still relevant.

I love little details like the fabulous studs on this jacket.

I want to find myself the perfect black biker jacket to add to my collection as well, but I do love this Curvissa Jacket.

Head over the other ladies pages and take a look, they will have been far more organised and looking fabulous I am sure. 

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Fear of New Beginnings

As some of you may know, I have not worked in over 3 years, I chose to take time away from work to figure out what I actually wanted to do and take time to self study to be ready for degree level maths.

Another big part of the reason was my anxiety had gotten out of hand due to our awful living situation of three years ago, and when we moved my anxiety followed.

But it is all change in the Lilybobomb household today as it is my first day at work and I am a little bit terrified (I am writing this up last night).

I will be working in an incoming calls call centre which I have done before but it does involve some sales.

It is something I know I am perfectly capable of doing, it is just frightening after 3 years away to be returning to work.

but hopefully when I get home tonight I will have a positive post to write for you all.

What are your biggest fears and are you challenging yourself to face them in 2013?



Sunday, 3 February 2013

Large cup Lingerie - Masquerade by Panache Rhea

A little while ago I was approached by the lovely Cha of Large Cup Lingerie and asked if I would like to try the Masquerade by Panache Rhea set.

I have been eyeing up this set for a while but wasn't sure how well I would get on with a bandeau style bra, so having the chance to give it a go was fantastic.

When the bra and shorts arrived I was instantly hit with the gorgeous rich almost mocha / heather like colour and the lovely lace detail across the cup, it has a gorgeous little heart gem in the centre.

Putting the bra on was hilarious to begin with as I felt like a tavern wench as the uplift is amazing, but after trying it on under some square neck lines I fell in love with the shape, it worked so well.

These are the images from the Large Cup Lingerie Site

SO so pretty

On me it looks like this

See tavern wench! I love it.

The colour, which I thought might not work so well with my extremely pale skin actually looks fabulous.

I am now going to save up and get myself the set in black too as I really love the style.

The size I asked for in this was a 38GG I am in an awkward stage at the moment where I am in between sizes a bit, this is a tiny tiny bit small in the cup but a H would have been too big I think so I will see how it goes.

I really do highly recommend this set and Large cup Lingerie too, they have a fantastic selection on the site.

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