Thursday, 22 January 2015

Keeping Warm With Curvissa

I am a little bit obsessed with coats! I own a ridiculous amount, to be honest and every year I want a new one. I have a smart going out coat and a lovely warm winter coat but I can never find a decent outdoors coat that is stylish, warm and tough.

So when I was contacted by Curvissa recently about doing a Coat Review, it was with my outdoor needs in mind that I began my search.

Parkers are very in fashion right now but if I am honest they either swamp me or are nowhere near warm enough so although a couple caught my eye it was this lovely Soft Shell Coat that I went for in the end.

I usually wear a 22 but my previous experience of Curvissa has taught me to size up so I did with this to a 24 to make sure it worked over my bust and I am glad I did as it is only just right.

It is made of a lovely soft material that feels like it will be shower prof although it does not state this in its description, it is windproof and breathable which is ideal for walking my dogs along the river next to the open fields as it does get pretty blustery around here. The coat is lined with a gorgeous thin fleece which is soft to touch and very warm.

The length of the coat is perfect for me as it covers my bum, please remember though I am only 5'2  and one anyone taller it is likely to sit just below your bum the picture of it on the model is a good indicator of its length.

The tie waist is a nice feature as it gives shape to the coat which is often missing from outdoor coat.

I assume this is the brand although it isn't called this on curvissa.

The hood is big and feel like it might stay put in the wind as it hooks over quite nicely.

All in all I am very happy with this coat, its sizing could be a little more generous but otherwise it is lovely and I would highly recommend it to anyone look for a good outdoors coat. it feels like it can cope well with my three biggest dogs jumping up at me with muddy paws when we play and me falling on my bum in the mud which has happened a few times.

A few other fabulous ladies are also working with Curvissa to review coats and they all look far more glamorous than me, so head on over to their pages and take a look. The links are below.