Friday, 30 May 2014

Dressing for my Fibromyalgia

Firbromyalgia has ruled my life for the last year and for most of that time I had no clue what was causing me so much constant pain. It has affected my hands and feet quite seriously and has made some items of clothing nearly impossible for me to wear without help to dress which at 33 years old quite honestly sucks!

Buttons have become my nightmare my hands just won't work well enough to do them up easily so I have begun to avoid half my wardrobe! Simply be recently sent me a few bits to try out for the summer, and I decided to focus on clothing suitable for my hands that wouldn't leave me stressed and a gibbering wreck.

My first outfit features a beautiful and simple top which I am dying to buy a new skirt to wear it with but today I teamed it with my gorgeous floral trousers from Very.

Trousers - Very (previous season)
Pink Brogues - Clarks (previous season)

This top is so simple to wear, no buttons or clasps not even a zip! Perfect for me to throw on without stressing and struggling. It also comes in a coral colour that is just perfect too, I would love to see it in back or purple colours I would live in them! 
I ordered this in a size 22 as I knew it would have no stretch and it is pretty spot on, any bigger and it wouldn't have worked for me. 

I have another outfit I put together for you which I will post on sunday most likely as I have a BBQ to go to tomorrow night. looking forward to a night out!

For all you readers out there who suffer from chronic pain, do you have any advice on clothing that works well for you. 

*Top provided for review free of charge, all words and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Wicked Birthday

Last year I was very very lucky to win £200 worth of Ticket Master gift vouchers with Simply be. It took me ages to decide what I wanted to buy with them, eventually I decided I wanted to see Wicked. Unfortunately due to my health I couldn't book anything last year so just after christmas I booked for us to go for my Birthday in May.

The weekend Finally arrived and I have to tell you all, if you have the chance go see this musical it was truly outstanding, I had so much fun, Marc and josh both loved it too!

Simply Be very kindly sent me an outfit to wear for my night out, and i did feel fabulous!The weather the whole week previously had been amazing and it ended up raining all day and night for the show so instead I recreated my outfit the next day when it stopped raining for a little while.
Jacket c/o Simply Be
Dress c/o Simply Be
I think this would look amazing with ankle boots but the rain meant that my knee boots were more practical for dashing around London. 

I can't wait to wear this in the summer it is so flawy and comfortable I feel lovely in it.

I am going to keep entering competitions, I like winning.

Do you have any favourite shows you recommend, I really want to go see more.


*Clothing was provided by @Simplybe, al opinions are my own.

Monday, 19 May 2014

New Look summer Wishlist

Good evening my lovely readers. At the moment I am addicted to window shopping so when New Look asked me to pick some of my summer favourites, I said yes instantly, I never pass up the chance to shop!

I am obsessed with dresses again this year which is no surprise! I really do have far too many or maybe its not nearly enough......

I have fallen in love with the following bits and pieces

Image Source -
I have fallen in love with maxi's again this year but I still need to find the perfect strapless bra! But this one will be first on my list when it does, it just feels so summery and like I should be swanning about on a lovely beach.

Image Source -
This floral dress is perfection! I ordered it and am in love, it doesn't have quite enough room in the bust for me, shirt dresses are the bane of my life! but sewing up the buttons works fine for me usually so going to give it a try.

Image Source -
I still love a good bird print and this one is firmly on my radar!

Dress @ Newlook
Shoes @ Clarks (past season)
Here I am in my fabulous floral dress, I teamed it with some black leggings and my fab pink shoes!

Check out the dresses over at New Look which is your favourite?


*This is a sponsored post, all words and opinions are my own.

Dear Kate Review

This post is a little different from my usual posts and will talk about lady gardens and Periods so if thats not your thing you can move on from this one.

Dear Kate recently came onto my radar and I was so impressed by their products I knew I had to let my readers know about them, and received a pair from them to try out. If like me you have to resort to the dreaded Period knickers every month these are for you! No more scaling the dregs of the knicker draw to find pairs we don't mind ruining or that are already stained by our monthly cycle.
Dear Kate have been designed by chemical engineer Julie Sygiel, who decided that there had to be a better way, the technology behind the underwear is currently patent pending but it is beautifully soft, wicking, stain releasing, and leak-resistant, meaning no more period disasters and for ladies who suffer from leaking urine it is perfect. Head on over to the Dear mates website HERE to find out more about the technology it really is fascinating.

One of the things about Dear Kates that I really do love is how beautiful they are, they a pretty stylish and comfortable, a long way from the usual big period knickers I usually resort to. They come beautifully packaged, and while the price tag is more than I would usually pay for knickers I have to say after wearing them on my heaviest cycle day and them washing perfectly with no staining I would be more than happy to invest in more pairs.

Queen Size Rosa Brief Mini

They do look gorgeous on! The model is stunning!
Source -

The price may be a bit steep for some and it is likely out of my price range, but I want to try to order myself more as soon as I can and will likely go round flashing my knickers to everyone I know telling them how fab they are!

They also offer a sorts range which are amazing! but at the moment it ends at an XL I hope they extend there sizes as exercising is one of the times we are most likely to leak! the range that does go to a 3X is gorgeous, I just hope they offer some sexier options soon, as I know some plus ladies like to wear a thong or smaller styles.

I honestly would recommend these to every woman, I am in love!