Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Getting to know me!

Not many followers at the moment, but this blog is for me and this might be good to look back on in the future to see where I have moved on from here.

So.........hmmm.... This is harder than I thought!

Well lets start easy shall we.

Name - Mhairi aka- lilandra, lilybobomb and bob!
Age - 30
Dress size - anything from a 16 to a 22 depending on where I shop average 18 at the moment.
Hight - 5'2"

So what is there to know about me, well I have had every job known to man (at least it seems that way).
I have sold cars, managed pubs, worked in retail and as a haematology technician, still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but its getting a bit late to decide!

I got married at the age of 21, to one of my best friends who I met at college Marc, 9 years on we are still happy, contrary to most peoples thoughts at the time.

To be fair we started dating in the march were engaged by may and married in the december and only gave one weeks notice.

This wasn't necessarily the best way to do it but at the time, we felt so stressed out by family issues and organising the wedding we just kind of snapped and said sod it, called the registry office and got the first cancellation available which was only a week away.

Our only regret in doing it this way is that my dad had his passport stolen and couldn't get a replacement in time and couldn't come, but my best friend Andrew gave me away and dad was on the phone to me throughout the day.

Me, Marc and little Josh!

With marrying Marc I had a crash course in becoming a step parent I met josh when he was 2 he was 3 in this picture.

I am very lucky that we have a fantastic relationship and as he came to live with us full time nearly tree and a half years ago I am glad we do get on well.

My favourite photo of Joshua, this is on our living room wall :)

I have a big sister called Claire, who I love very much even though we tried to kill each other a few times when we were kids.

Claire and me.

Claire has given me two gorgeous nephews Harry and Charlie who are twins, Charlie was born with a kidney disorder ARPKD which I know is hard for my sister, I wish I could do more for them.
I am hoping to do the London bridges walk for the Kidneyresearchuk
charity next year. They turned 9 this year and I am so proud of both of them.
This picture was from a couple of years ago, but still love it! (Harry (L), Josh (C) and Charlie (R)

Thats it for now, if there is anything else you want to know please ask and next time I might just have to show you some hilarious fashion fails from my years on planet earth!!!!

Love Mhairi. xxxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Just a quick outfit post, I have been feeling utterly crap this weekend!

Cheered myself up a bit by dying my hair back to black, which is much nearer my natural colour of very dark brown with red in it.

I am wearing my Evans dress which I haven't worn yet as only finished taking it up today.

Does anyone else have my problem I am only 5'2" but have fairly long legs so any trousers and maxi skirt/ dresses always come up a bit short but the standard length on most is way too long!

I seem to like making silly faces!


Mhairi. xxx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Little Black Dress vs Little Coloured Dress

This is something I have been seeing in the shops, Dorothy Perkins are making a big thing of the little coloured dress right now, with some fabulous offerings.
But as a plus sized woman, who every year has serious panic attacks about social events due to a few horrible experiences in the past, I find christmas and all the gatherings with friends and family incredibly hard, and not knowing what to wear even harder.
As you can imagine finding that perfect outfit to make me a little more confident and a little better prepared to handle the situation becomes a high priority for me right around now, as I know how difficult I can be.
So today I took a trip to town for some window shopping and to try on some styles I like, to see if I will be sticking to the tried and tested LBD of being a bit braver in my choices and going for a LCD.
I didn't get much chance to try on many dresses today, this is because as usual the shops had hardly any sizes available for me.

But here are a few I did try.

Evans - Red Ponteroma Tunic Top £29.50

This Tunic I have to say is AMAZING! I love how thick the material is, it hangs beautifully and feels lovely. I can see me getting so much wear from this, It is long enough to wear with tights as a dress or with leggings as I did today, and with jeggings and jeans.

Betty Jackson. Black at Debenhams - Orange Bold Stripe Jersey Dress £60.00

I loved the bold colour of this dress but without super duper sucky in knickers I felt a little bit big round the middle.

Betty Jackson. Black at Debenhams - Navy Blue Full Skirted Shift Dress £65.00
This dress was Gorgeous very heavy feel, fully lined and gorgeous colour and belt, dark enough to count as a LBD but with a splash of colour, I tried it in a 20 and have on a terrible bra that offers little support and it was huge on my back so think I could go down to an 18 with some decent foundation underwear!

Betty Jackson. Black at Debenhams - Orange Floral Shirt Dress £65.00
I didnt have a chance to try this dress on, but loved the colour so vibrant and fun!

Betty Jackson. Black at Debenhams - Dark Turquoise Three Quarter Sleeve Shift Dress £65.00
I didn't see this in the shop or I would have tried it on, I think it is similar to the Navy dress and looks stunning.


Betty Jackson. Black at Debenhams - Natural Colour block Dress £65.00
Has a lovely back too!


Dorothy Perkins - Orange Colour Block dress £42.00
I went to try this on in the shop today, but they only had one in the whole store and it was a 14, but the back of this dress is so pretty!

Anna Scholz for Simply Be - Black Velour Dress £70.00
Simply be have some gorgeous offerings at the moment, but I do love the sexy shape of this dress.

Simply Be - Simply Voluptuous Dress £62.00
My boobs are the bane of my life, fitting them in a dress often leaves me in a size or two bigger than i need for the rest of my body, very tempted to try one of these out to see if they can work for me.

Simply Be - Bespoke Little Black Dress - £70.00
I love this dress, it is sexy and fits the AW11 fetish trend very well with the corseted section at the waist, Simply Beautiful!

Simply Be - Simply Voluptuous Dress £62.00
Same as the black above but braver in colour for me, and as it is available in E-G cup to, could be perfect!

Simply Be - Angels and Ribbons Lace Tunic Dress £48.00
I love this colour! are you getting that from my dress selections so far?

Sorry this has been a photo heavy post but though it would be a good exercise for me to try new things so far I am in love with the Betty Jackson Navy and turquoise dresses and want to order a couple of items from simply be when I can afford to!

So what is it going to be for you this party season the trusty LBD or the brave LCD let me know what you think in the comments.

Mhairi. xxxx

Monday, 12 September 2011

Wedding Guests

Wedding Guest and puppy love!

On Saturday we attended the wedding of an old friend, it was such a beautiful day and the bride was amazing!

It was held in a gorgeous little hotel just outside Wigan in Standish called Ashfield house hotel

I was feeling very ill that day after a 3 hour drive to my parents in west yorkshire then another hour drive to the wedding after a short break and getting changed.

I had originally planned to wear a gorgeous maxi dress I bought from Evans but due to a nightmare taking it up, I instead wore my favourite silvery grey dress from Style 369 from a while ago.

I looked a bit of a mess to be honest my hair decided to not go curly and i was pale and pasty all day, lol But i still felt lovely as my Husband thought I looked gorgeous, so all was good in the end.

The other guests wore some beautiful clothes too, sixties shift style dresses, colour blocking and Maxi dresses.

Please excuse the hilariously bad pictures but my best friend Andrew told me to say Cervix! he does this to me a lot.
My Husband Marc puts up with my craziness very well, Thank goodness. 

This weekend we finally had to admit that my dog Toby did get my mum and dads dog Ruby pregnant, so will be finding some good homes for puppies in a few weeks I think.
 She is a total babe though!
 Hello Puppies!! xxxx

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a good week ahead of you.

Love Mhairi. xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My first Stylist Pick!

I ordered my bag from Stylist Pick on friday night and it was with my this morning, very impressed with the delivery time!

please excuse the dodgy phone pics, i have a lovely DSLR but forgot to put the battery on charge!

When it arrived it was in a large box, in which I expected to find the bag floating around, but when I opened it up i was so pleased with the presentation, it comes in a lovely stylist paper bag.

Inside the bag was a lovely material bag with Stylist pick on it.

And then it was to the main mag I had purchased and all I could say was WOW, I had expected a pretty but cheap bag as the selection I had made was from the welcome selection, and at £19.95 with another 50% off it cost me less than £10.

But my I was shocked to find a beautiful bag made to a high standard, with so many useful compartments including a zip on the main one, which is often missed on cheaper fold over bags.

It feels gorgeous and the colour is very pretty, if this is what you get from the welcome selection I will definitely be buying some bits from the main picks if something I like comes in!

I may already have my eye on a pair of boots and a lovely colour block clutch bag.

I would recommend giving it a go and seeing for yourself if anything you like is selected for you, im impressed and think money permitting I would buy something else from them.

When I get some time and some motivation to go outside, the weather is making me not want to go far at the moment! I will get a decent photo of the bag with a nice outfit.

Stylist Pick - Give them a look.

Love to you all

Mhairi. xxx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

God I love a Bargain!

Recently I have been searching for style inspiration all over the net, yesterday I found Ceri of Curvyguru who is Fabulous!

After having a read through some of her old posts, I came across her post for StylistPick and the gorgeous bag she reviewed for them, and after filling out my own questionnaire and being offered a purchase at half price for today only I picked up a gorgeous bag for just under £10

Once it arrives I will do a little review on the quality and let you know how i get on.