Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Lust List!
I was going to make a small list of items which have caught my eye this week, but as you can see it got a bit out of hand, I am loving all the new items coming into the shops and found it impossible to whittle it down any further.
Hope you like some of my finds.
Mhair. xx
Just to add No 8 is also available on the Evans site with 15% off. xxx
Please excuse the size of the picture I am still figuring it all out. xx

    Saturday, 20 August 2011

    OOTD - Introduction to me!

    Kind of a bit crumpled and creased as I helped my mum get set off to her new house today after having her stay with us for the last 6 odd weeks, but thought it was about time I bit the bullet and took a photo of myself.

    Now I have to point out that we have been in the house a while but it needs so much work done that it is a total mess, as you can see by the paint work, so I will try to take more photos outside on nice days. x

    You can almost make out my pooch Poppy looking at me like im mad, we also have toby so ill add a couple of pictures on now as they will no doubt invade most of my pictures!

    Dress was brought from Evans sale last week for £10 and leggings are from Debenhams.

    The first picture is poppy our 5 yr old staff x G. Shepherd and the next is out 2 yr old staff x Collie they can usually be found sitting all over me so will no doubt make a few appearances.

    Now for a little bit of background and an idea of what you might find on my blog.

    I have been plus size for about the last 10 years and have found out that I am unable to concieve children naturally but due to my weight I can not have IVF until I reach there healthy weight, so you may find the odd rant about how much I hate diets and salads, sorry!

    When I was at school I was between a size 8 and a 10 when I left for college but due to a few mean comments and my own self esteem I honestly saw myself as about a size 16 I often bought clothing too big for me because i believed it was the size I needed.

    Now that I am fat I never really see myself as fat, I am just me, my husband loves me and is happy when I am happy so my weight loss is for my health and fertility not because I hate myself. ( although I do get those days!)

    I am going to try to post some outfits and my wish lists but I will also include some of my photography as it is my passion and makes me happy.

    Mhairi. xxxx

    Please Enjoy.

    Friday, 12 August 2011

    Kates Clothing

    Today I was very excited to see Kates Clothing asking their Facebook fans which items from the Necessary Evil range we would like to see in plus sizes and what size we would like.

    I have been a fan of Kates clothing for a while and regularly drool over the whole site, I might be 30 but i still have my alternative days.

    Out of the Necessary Evil range these are my favourites.

    Take a look around and let them know what you like and the sizes you would like to see them in.

    Mhairi. xxx

    Well Hello and welcome to my blog!

    I am going to start with a look at some of my current clothing and shoe crushes and next time I will tell you a bit about myself.

    To begin with Anna Scholz

    Today I had a look at the new collection for A/W11 and there are some gorgeous pieces that I am very much lusting after!

    Double Silk Maxi Drape Dress Double Silk Maxi Drape Dress

    Double Silk Frill Tunic Utility Button Thru Dress

    The four dresses above really caught my eye, I have a wedding in September and the first two maxi dresses would be perfect, but they are out of my budget just now, but my god they are gorgeous!

    Style 369

    I am always lusting after things from Style 369 but the new MaxC dresses are really calling to me.

    Skater Dress £50 Border Print Shift Dress £55

    Spot Dress £55

    These 3 dresses are all gorgeous the first two I am trying to find a way to brighten them up to wear to the wedding and the spot dress reminds me of old photos of my Granny I would love it for my working wardrobe.

    ASOS Curve

    I Love ASOS and have recently made my first purchase from them, i will make a post soon once I have finished altering it, at 5'2" everything is a little long on me!

    My current Lusts include

    Colour Block Dress £45 Heart Print Dress £40

    Ruched Waist Shift Dress £40

    Love Love Lover all 3

    I am going to get one of the above for the wedding so i will let you know which one I choose.

    I Will hopefully get brave and take some photos of myself for my next blog and please excuse and spelling/ Grammar mistakes Dyslexia can be a bitch, I will try to get my sister to proof read my posts as often as I can she is good at all that jazz .

    Mhairi. xxx