Monday, 30 January 2012

Vida Moda Review

The wonderful couple behind Vida Moda contacted me last week on Twitter to ask if I would like to review a couple of scarves for them which I had recently seen mentioned in their tweets, and fallen in love with.

I said yes as I have been following their company for a while now and they have been so lovely to talk to I feel everyone should know they are out there.

When the package arrived I was excited to get it open and take a look at the two scarves I had selected, but when I opened the parcel bag I had to stop myself and find my good camera out, just to show you how gorgeous the packaging was.

The simple white box with the orange Vida Moda logo and the matching orange ribbon is such a simple, yet chic combination.

I chose one scarf from the loopy range and one from the ruffle range; from the loopy Range I chose the Blueberry Loopy Scarf. Each scarf comes with a label showing they are 'Made by Pat - Handcrafted Lovely Stuff', with care instructions on the reverse. The colours are divine; so rich a luxurious. I love blues, and dark blues suit me best, so this is perfect for me.
Now this scarf costs £22 and that for me is a lot for a scarf, but I have to say that after seeing the quality of the workmanship and the stunningly vivid colours, I would definitely buy one for myself or as a gift for family and friends.

The Loopy Scarf it a nice short length about 100cm (expect some variation as it is handmade) which is great if you like less bulk under your coat, or just don't like to have super long scarves. It is a large open knit with a stunning mix of dark blue and purple.

Oh, just look at those beautiful colours. 

The second scarf I chose was from the Ruffle range in Mulled Wine. It's a rich pink-red and a plum-purple, which together make a stunning combination. The length of this one is approx. 200cm (expect some variation as it's handmade), but it doesn't feel bulky and I find it comfortable round my neck and tucked into my coat.
It is a much finer knit than The Loopy Scarf and has a more ruffled effect - as the name suggests, and also a fabulous springiness that I find irresistible. It soft, luxurious and chic - just like the loopy, and well worth the £26 price. 

Come on, look at the colours, I was hooked instantly! 

Just realised how tired I look after a very busy weekend, but both scarves feel utterly divine on my skin, they are warm and soft, and really are well worth getting for a little luxury in this cold weather.

Vida Moda is Run by the wonderful Joanna and Phillip, Joanna decided to open online after so many years of frustration and stress, trying to find clothing she wanted to wear, and finding herself constantly disappointed.

Take a moment to go read their About Us section and the Why Shop Here section to understand more about the company and where they have come from.

I also had the opportunity to ask them a few questions of my own which were as follows:

Are you likely to stock larger than a 24 in the future?

Yes we will, when we find designers that do these sizes well. Also many designers now charge extra for the larger sizes which we don't agree with.

Do you look at any new up and coming UK designers or only from other european countries?

We are open minded about where we buy from, for this Spring and Summer we have 2 new collections from the UK, one from Italy and one from the USA. If there are up and coming designers who'd like to talk to us about designing for larger sizes we'd love to hear from them.

Do you have any plans to open a high street type store?

No, we have no plans to open any shops. We are fully embracing the online environment and while that is not everybody's cup of tea, it is a growing area and it's where we can offer a service to a lot of people that are outside of our catchment area.

They stock some lovely items which I would love to get my hands on. A few of my favourites are below.

Take a look at their fabulous Website and help support them in their venture. They also can be contacted through Twitter and Facebook, and have their own Blog. Go check them out. x


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Company Casting Call, my reasons for entering

My Reason for entering the Company Magazine competition.
My reasons for entering are many, but some of them include -
Pushing myself - I have suffered so long from a serious lack of self esteem and agoraphobia that this year I am aiming to push myself to try new things go new places and even enter crazy competitions that I just cant win! 
Real Women -  This is a term I am not that comfortable with I believe that every Woman is real wether it is physically or mentally, We are all Real women, but this competition is supposedly for real women but the main prize is a photo shoot with River island who I love might I add, but who only cater to a market of women size 18 and under if you want to wear there clothing which is fine by me, but where does that leave every other women over a size 18 or under a size 6 because they do exist (and it doesn't automatically mean they are anorexic either).

I have found myself in the past jumping on the, when did this become sexier than this type pictures and liking them automatically, but it ISNT sexier we are all sexy and every one has different tastes.

But I want to at least put myself out there, I love fashion and although I am just beginning to experiment and get my mojo back, and I know it is not even remotely possible that I will win I still find it liberating to at least put myself out there.
Fun - Sometimes it just time to have a little fun and do something crazy, and I love that so many of us plus size lovelies are joining the fun, below are the links to all of us who are entering, you can like more than one person, so vote for us all if you are feeling generous.

Mine is 

BoombandsEm - The reason we are all entering read her post about her reasons why here!

Toni22 -  her reasons for entering can be found here!

MissKathryn - her reasons for entering can be found here!

Rosieroundface - her reasons for entering can be found here!

Ceri - her reasons can be found here!

Sara - Her reasons can be found here! 

Thank you

Mhairi, xxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gok Wan for Simply Yours Launch

Today has been such an amazing day!

A couple of weeks ago I received an exciting Email into my inbox, inviting me to the Launch event of the new Gok Wan Shapewear range for Simply Yours.

So this morning at 6am I dragged my backside out of my lovely warm bed, got ready and headed for london.

The event was held in the very swanky W hotel in leicester square in a stunning suite overlooking the square itself and the Odeon cinema (No red carpet today though)

When I arrived the gorgeous girls from the Simply Be/Yours team were on hand to show us up to the suite and get a drink, Charlotte from the Simply Be/ Yours team, came over and kept me company and we chatted for a while until my wonderful fellow bloggers arrived.

Gok arrived in the room and I admit I almost had a full on fan girl SQUEE moment, but I controlled myself but nearly died when he came over and just casually introduced himself and began chatting to us about his new range.

Goks take on his new range - 

He called it his Wall of fame range, he has gone back to his original styles, stating that women had been asking him to bring them back as they loved them and wanted more in the same styles.

What he has done is brought the range out in gorgeous new colours, called Crush, Blush and Slate, his idea being that he hates the idea of them being designed to hide our bodies as this is disempowering to women, what he wanted was a range that women could feel sexy and proud to be seen in.

The information from the PR company

This Spring/Summer ’12 season, Gok Wan goes back to basics and unveils his ‘Wall
of Fame’ collection.

Designed exclusively for Simply Yours, Gok has created his definitive collection of
must-have shapewear that is tailored to cater to all your sartorial needs.
Having listened to Simply Yours customers’ comments about their favourite
shapewear pieces, Gok has revamped and redesigned the best of his range to
perform better than ever before.
The collection consists of six key pieces – the multi-way Banger Booster bra, Pull Me
In Pants, Curve Controller body, Slicker Knicker, Sassy Slip and Divine Outline multiway
slip. Each style is available in three stunning colours; Crush, Sweet Slate and
Seamless panelling, boning and Powermesh technology are employed to provide
optimal comfort, effortless style and maximum control - making this Gok’s best
collection to date. Get some Gok in your wardrobe today and make it your secret
(taken from the Chase Pr Release)

‘under dress’ weapon!

Above - Bra in Crush, control brief in Slate.

Above - Bra in slate, WYOB Slip in blush.

Above - Control Shorts in Slate and Crush, Control Body in Blush.

The gorgeous Gok with his crush full Shapewear slip with suspender clips.

Me and the amazing Gok Wan

I have to say I really love the collection, it is simply, sexy and the colours are divine and I would love to own some when it is released, I think for me the only thing missing is a full body with shorts attached, as I prefer them to the slips. 

The hotel room was stunning, it was apparently a suite, the sofa you can see, is in a circle on a turntable, it kind of made me think of a 70's porn film but it was pretty amazing.

Rosie is totally in love with Gok, but hey who isn't! 

The fabulous Gok and his agent and you can also just make out his gorgeous assistant Mark in the background behind the curtain, who mans the helm on twitter @goksworld. on the left is Sheena of Chase PR who did a fantastic job making sure we all got pictures and that he met with everyone. Her dress was also gorgeous!

The fabulous Lauren and Georgina.

The promotional poster for the range, the model is stunning! 

I got to meet the lovely Naomi again and for the first time the wonderful Laura.

The Gorgeous Editor of Slink magazine Rivkie, who was so lovely, I want to work for her one day when I grow up :) 

And Last photo for now, the wonderful Gok. xx

I will update once I know the exact launch date but I believe it is sometime around March. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures, I loved my day, thank you again to the wonderful Charlotte for looking after us and the awesome Chinese in China Town.



Sunday, 22 January 2012

Joe Browns @ Simply Be

I have been finding myself perusing the internet a lot recently lusting after summer clothing, this is a new and interesting thing for me, as I am most definitely a winter girl, I love wrapping up warm, and knowing I don't need to worry about showing my arms and legs off.

Blogging has really been a huge help in ways I am only just realising, I don't feel the anxious tightening in my stomach, just looking at sleeveless dresses I once did or looking at them, then trying to find a cardigan to wear with it.

Whilst doing this searching I came across this dress on the Simply be website from Joe browns, and just fell in love. I didn't rush to find a cardigan so I could safely take of my jacket in public, but I did see the denim jacket and loved it. I choose some boots so i could stay more in my comfort zone, I am never THAT girly.

The only thing I would have to do to the dress is alter it so it has straps as I cant wear a halter neck at all, but that is easy to do so not a problem at all.

I think it could work well during the chillier months too, with some tights and a top under, and bring a little sunshine into my late winter life.

I think I will always be a winter girl at heart but it is nice to be able to look forward to the warmer ones too.

Are you beginning to look forward to the warmer days?


Friday, 20 January 2012

Anna Scholz SS12 Black Label and White Lable

Hippy Chick - Camber sands Shoot

Anna Scholz always manages to make my heart flutter with excitement, and this images from her new SS12 Black label collection are no exception. 

Harriet Coleman Looks divine and beautifully windswept on Camber sands.

Here are the images which I have taken from the Anna Scholz Facebook page with permission.

Georgette plisse maxi dress in hydrangea print

Jersey Gathered sexy little dress

Georgette frill tunic

Crepe maxi dress in labyrinth

Tailored two-tone cowl neck dress

Feather print jersey maxi dress

Tailored Corset dress in blue

Georgette 40s dress in poodle print

Georgette lace up kaftan in feather print

Crepe shirt dress in feather

Cowl neck dress in tile print

Jersey cutout dress in spot

My stand out favourites are the Georgette plisse maxi dress, the poodle print 40's dress and the crepe shirt dress in feather, but it is all stunning!

Now i know this blog is already photo heavy but also wanted to show you the White label collection
Marrakech shoot.

Mirror embroidered tie dye silk tunic

Kaleidoscope crepe de chine silk pocket tunic 

Snake double silk 50's sash dress

Marble print crepe de chine pocket dress

Flame pleat tuck dress in digital jersey

Palm double silk maxi dress

Geo tribal double silk pleat dress

Just the glorious Robyn Lawley in the above dress

Circle georgette party shift dress

Psychedelic double silk maxi kaftan

Fan double silk frill tunic

Fuchsia crepe jersey double layer dress

Everything in this collection makes me want to be lounging on a tropical beach somewhere looking fabulous!

The spring/summer collections will start going online the week beginning February 6th.