Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday

Black Friday is not something that has previously been big in the UK, but it is slowly picking up momentum here and everyone seems to be jumping on the band wagon.

I wanted to share some of my favourite deals with you, these are the ones I am keeping a close eye on today.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins have 30% off site wide HERE

On top of this every 3 hours they are bring a selection which you can take an extra 30% off with code YGF84 (only the selected lines) the 9-12 selection can be found HERE
A couple of my favourite items are



Tesco have 25% off site wide on their clothing HERE

Party Dress
only up to a size 20

Jersey Dress
Tesco Direct also have some great offers if you can get online, it automatically retry for you which is great so I got on eventually. 


Amazon have lightening deals happening this Black Friday with limited stock keep and eye out HERE and set alarms if you see something coming up later you want to check the deal on.

Linda Bop

Linda Bop have taken 15% of loads of there dresses head over to the site and take a peek HERE

I have this on its way to me.



Evans have some amazing deals on HERE including all their jeans for only £10 a pair and 50% off coats and boots!!

A few other places to check out include:


Rocket Dog



There are plenty of amazing deals in there for christmas presents and treats, if I come across any amazing deals today I will update here.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Impressed By Tesco

For the last few years Tesco has been getting better and better as an on-line store but in store has been another story, clothing sections have been getting smaller and smaller and plus size ranges have mostly disappeared.

I am very luck to live very close to some very large Tesco stores and used to live 10 minutes from their head office store which to be honest has a shockingly small clothing section for the size of the store.

On Monday my fabulous friend Andrew visited me and we went for a drive to Bar Hill Tesco, which is a huge store just off the A14 in Cambridgeshire. When I say the store is huge think French Supermarche, I hate doing my food shop there as instead of 30-40 minutes I am in there for 3 hours and come out spending way more than I meant. It has always had a large mezzanine floor which used to be split between electrical's and clothing but it has been a couple of years since I last visited.

The whole store has had an uplift and the change is fantastic! the mezzanine floor now has a Cafe which is lovely and the the entire rest of the floor is taken up by clothing, I was in heaven! it is huge, it felt modern, and could have easily been a high street fashion retailer, with excellent posters and mannequins well displayed stands no over crowding and fantastic bright lighting.

This style of store could easily work in a shopping centre as a stand alone clothing shop not just in the supermarkets. The selection was immense.

I snapped a few photos which are a bit rubbish as I only had my phone with you but you can get the idea.

Beautiful Displays of Party Wear

A Nice large section for Lingerie and Nightwear.

They even have a Sports Wear section which is beautifully set out and has a really good selection of trainers.

Just me trying to run out of Andrews photo.

I loved this skirt and Crop top 

Great online order system if you cant find our size in store.

Plenty of brands

I liked the advertising points

Excellent Childrenswear section

To give you an idea of the size, women's wear is all behind me and that is the length down towards menswear.

I think my only dissapointment is that yet again no plus sizes that I could see, I may be wrong as we were not being very methodical so could have missed it but I doubt it. 

Please Tesco sort this out and the store will be perfect!!