Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Animal Brooch

Hello to all you fabulous Fatshion Faceoff readers, I am so sorry for my long absence I have been struggling with my health, both mental and physical, and have needed a break from everything.

I am almost back to myself, but have a stinking cold and sore throat, so I have no pictures today, so instead I have picked some of my favourite brooches from around the internet.

Etsy is one of my favourite places to kill time, I love how diverse and interesting the items available are, when I searched animal brooches, I was greeted by some fabulous finds.

First up is this super cute Red Fox Brooch

At only £5.46 this little guy is a fabulous find!

Who could resist a Bunny in a Bathtub!

Tatty Devine is one of my favourite jewellery designers, I am in love with just about everything they make, and they have some fabulous animal brooches!

Some of my favourites include the Great Bear Brooch

My love of the stars makes this the perfect brooch for me!

MY second choice would be this gorgeous little Fox Brooch

This little guy needs to find its way to me soon, I am in love!

Do you rock the brooch or do you find them old fashioned, I totally love them, and need to add more to my collection.

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Shock Absorber - Sports Bra Review

A little while ago, I was offered the chance for my sister and myself to review a Shock Absorber Ultimate Gym bra, mine still has not arrived yet due to stock issues and my sisters review was delayed due to her having some difficulties, but we are back on track now and ready to get our asses fitter and healthier!

Below is my sisters review in her own words.

It feels magnificent. I love the look. It appears on first glance like it could go into battle and win. The material is soft and silky against my skin, and very comfortable. Sadly, that's where my praise stops. 
I asked for a 36F, which was going by my own natural size. However, it's a nightmare to do up.
At first I thought I'd misjudged the size, but honestly, it needs two people just to fasten the back. I tried front fastening which I've seen my own mum do a million times, but I'm a back fastener. I managed with the main clasps, but the second clasp - which I assume to be essential in the whole 'keeping the puppies steady' thing, just couldn't be closed. The trouble is, I'm a single parent, I live alone with my children who cringe at the sight of my socks, let alone a bra, and I would likely go to the gym alone, so who do I ask to fasten me up?

Now, please don't let this deter you, because I have to say, that despite what I consider to be small short comings, I would still recommend the bra. It's so ridiculously comfortable, I'm considering going up a size just to have one to sleep it. The best thing is that - even without the second clasp being fastened - I don't bounce about all over the place. There are no black eyes, no discomfort, and I feel totally comfortable in it. I have an exercise bike at home and I tell you, it's quite refreshing not to be jangling all over the place. I jumped up and down and there was only minor movement. 

Post pregnancy, I've been left with poor elasticity (I consider these battle scars and I'm proud!), but that can be incredibly uncomfortable in daily living, let alone during a work out, so this bra is brilliant. If I can just master putting the darn thing on, I know I'm on to a winner! My only advise is to double check the sizing. I think I'd have been better going up a back size and maybe down in a cup.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to try the bra out. I've been in a struggle with my weight and getting exercise can prove to be painful. I think the bra is really going to help in that department.

As you can see even with some minor issues she loved it and will be getting some serious use out of this bra, as soon as I get mine I will give you a full review of my experiences as well.

Mhairi and Claire

Disclaimer: Shock absorber gifted for review purposes

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My New look Wishlist*

Summer is apparently on its way, I just wish it would hurry up and get here! I am a winters child at heart, but do love a bit of sun, this changeable weather is just an utter nightmare when it comes to dressing right.

SO I have put together a wish list of my favourite items from New Look right now, but I am also including some Slouchy knits which are perfect for layering this time of year.

New look is my go to shop for cardigans and jumpers I find they last me ages and wash well, this knit one is perfect for the current changeable weather.

Animal print is a little bit of an obsession for me now, and this cute Elephant print is perfect!

This is just so feminine which isnt a word I often associate with myself, but I might just have to give this a go, I think it will look stunning with jeans or skirts for the summer.

This I simply adore, It is so pretty, I think it will be perfect dressed up for summer event, or dressed down with tan sandals and a denim jacket!

Oh how perfect is this dress, it is summery, it has polkadots and the colour is stunning!

Now playsuits are not something I have manage to pull off with confidence yet, but I have to say I am in love with this one, I adore the pearl peter pan collar!

Ax Paris rarely let me down when it comes to something for a night out, and I love this maxi dress!

Comic Print is so so perfect and this skater skirt is a must have for me!

Wamm - Bam - KA-pow This dress really does say it all, This must get in my wardrobe asap!

So that is my Lust list, and I have ordered the Koko Nude Dip hem dress, so I will pop a post up with that in as soon as I can.


*This post is sponsored, all words are my own.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lust List

Today is my birthday and I have been mentally making my if I was rich birthday clothing wishlist for ages! I thought I would share a few bits with you.

Two places at the moment are really catching my eye, they are Yours and Simply Be, below are my favourite items at the moment.


I love a good polka dot and this dress from yours is gorgeous!

These trousers have been on my radar for a few weeks now, I am desperate for them!

I am not normally a fan of a hanky hem, but I do love the colours in this I love purple and orange so this is perfect for me!

Simply Be

I love stripes and I especially love this dress, I am planning on getting this for the summer.

I love the colour of this dress, it is so vibrant, my mum has got me this for my birthday and I am looking forward to slipping it on and sashaying about in the sunshine!

What can I say, I am a sucker for flamingos!

Do you like my lust list, is there anything on yours that is making you desperate to buy it? 


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fat Fabulous Four - Oversized

This weeks fat fashionable four was oversized, I had planned on ordering this dress from ASOS for this post but thanks to a very broken car, I have had to put it on hold for a while longer.

I had to go on a bit of a panic hunt in my wardrobe to find something suitable and the top I chose might not be strictly oversized but I think it gives a gentle introduction to the trend without feeling too far out of my comfort zone.

The top is from yours clothing, it can be found HERE and I love it, it is so comfortable, I am hoping the bring it out in some nice colours, my trousers are from Very

One of my dogs always has to sneak in a photo!

I really like the back of the to as well!

Excuse the top being so creased, I have been planting bedding plants all afternoon.

Check out the others they will look amazing!


Press Day Fashion World/ Marisota

SCPR invited me along to their press day a little while ago to take a look at the up coming AW13 items from Marisota, Fashion World, and Bonmarche

The Range I had really been looking forward to taking a look at, was the up coming capsule range from  Claire Richards for Fashion World.

This coat from the Claire Richards range really has caught my eye and I think I will be snapping it up as my new winter coat when the time comes!

I love the little leather details

The little military buttons are very cute too!

This dress from the range is also a must have for me too I love bird print and this is right up my alley! plus it is navy and I love it!

This body con little black dress is absolutely gorgeous, I imagine the slightly ruffled material will be fabulously forgiving.

This sweetheart and mesh top was really cute, it came with a velvet like pencil skirt and will look gorgeous for night out!as would the Sequin dress you can see beside it.

Again I really liked this dress, but I am not so sure about the sleeves, I think it could be a good work to bar dress for the winter.

Next we had a look at what Marisota had to offer for AW13

The fabulous Hanna, sorry this isn't the best picture, my flash decided to go off!
This coat will find its way into my wardrobe, it is awesome!! It felt gorgeous and soft and the leather look panels were very soft. I t will also be available in black.

I love tops I can slip on with leggings or a pair of peg trousers and feel comfortable yet sexy, this will be great for me.

I like the collar tips on this shirt.

The were also included with this check shirt.

Bonmarche had a few nice pieces, I have never tried them myself before, but the range available online is much better than in store.

These two dresses were my favourites and I may try something from the range soon to see how I get on with the brand.

The gorgeous Curvy Wordy with the fabulous spotty dress we both loved!

I had such a fabulous day with Hanna and Caroline even with the torrential rain we were stuck in earlier in the day.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Project D for Simply Be Review

When Jess approached me about taking part in a review of the new Project D for Simply Be range, I was so so excited, She asked me to ask 4 other bloggers to take part in the review so I asked Hanna, Rosie, Toni and Kathryn if they would like to take part, luckily they all said yes.

The dress we are reviewing is the Rockefeller Tunic.

The tunic arrived and I instantly loved the print, it is more of a nighttime tunic to me and I decided that a slightly more rock look would be a good choice for me and the tunic, and to be honest I love it!

Please excuse the lack of grass under me, I am standing in the are that will soon be my vegetable patch.

As you can see my dog Ron decided he needed to be in a photo so thought I would share it.

The sun was so bright that I was struggling to not look a little strange in the photos but this was my favourite that we took.

My other half Marc always manages to catch me looking a little odd, but as you can see the tunic is lovely and easy to move around in, but I would like to try it with a niche wide belt to cinch it in at my waist and allow it to flow freely below.

I am wearing the tunic with the Simply Be Grazia wet look leggings which can be found Here, which Jess also kindly sent me.

Take a look at how the other ladies wear it, I know they will look gorgeous! 

Also take a look at the whole Project D selection Here, the pieces are really lovely.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Monchrome

This weeks Fatshion Faceoff is more of a theme, and it was my choice I went for Monochrome as it is something I love, it is so simple and easy to dress up with a pop of colour.

I am wearing one of the gorgeous dresses sent to me by Simply be earlier in the year and my final piece to review of the three dresses I was sent, I cant find it online to link to it now, but I will add it if I come across it.

I feel quite sassy in this dress, it is very easy to wear and I like that I can simply add a coloured belt or shoes if I fancy it, or stick to the simple black and white theme, and look fabulous either way.

The floral pattern is super pretty!

I need to wear this more often!

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