Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jileon Mens Wide Fit Wellies Review

Last year I reviewed a fabulous pair of Jileon Extra wide fit wellies you can see the review here.
So when they contacted me and asked if my husband would like to try out a pair of their mens extra wide fit wellies, I said yes please!

Marc like me, can fit into standard wellies but not with his trousers tucked in, which when working in the garden is needed, just as it is when walking the dogs to avoid the mud.

Wide fit is the perfect solution for this.

Mens Extra Wide Fit Wellies £49.99

The wellies were brilliant while we were laying the base for our greenhouse, Marc told me that they were very comfortable and a good shape of the foot so he didn't feel like he was slipping and sliding around in them.

Marc checking them out

The buckles held up pretty well, but he did manage to unhook the inner one a couple of times when they were against each other, but it want a major issue.

My lovely husband after an exhausting day.

Head on over to Jileon and check out their range of Mens wellies.

Marc gave them a thumbs up!


Monday, 22 April 2013

A Hobbit Adventure with Blinkbox

The fabulous Lauren asked recently if anyone wanted a chance to watch the Hobbit, as my husband has been waiting forever to see it, I replied with a yes please.

Lauren kindly sent me 3 codes to allow me to watch 3 films online with Blinkbox, we decided to throughly test it and try all the ways possible in our house, via PS3, Streaming and by downloading it to the laptop.

We have been pretty impressed with the system in general to be honest, we started off watching the latest Resident Evil film, which we decided to stream via the PS3 using its browser window, I will point out that we have fibre optic broadband so have a good speed at home as a general rule so we were hoping that the Blinkbox service had a decent streaming system, the PS3 browser is not so great in my opinion, I find it clunky and slow at times regardless of the speed of my internet, so we thought it might be a bit of a pain running it.

In the end our worries were not confirmed, we had a couple of moment where it buffered for a few seconds but nothing major and it was watchable, the film wasn't too bad either, definitely better than the  last film.

For our second choice of film we chose Pitch Perfect, we decided to try streaming it onto the Laptop, luckily we can hook the laptop up to the TV with a HDMI cable which means we didn't have watch it on the tiny screen, the streaming was near perfect, it buffered once near the beginning of the film but otherwise was perfect!

Pitch perfect itself was outstanding, I laughed so much and the music was fabulous, if you are a lover of Glee you will love it.

So onto our final choice and the main attraction The Hobbit, we chose to download the Blinkbox download manager and download the film to the laptop to eliminate the streaming issues with buffering it worked perfectly, not buffering, crisp clear picture, it allowed us to sit back and enjoy the film.

The hobbit was amazing! I have not read the book, and I have no idea why as I have it, I first read the lord of the rings series when I was 19 and I have read them about 6-7 times since, I think I will find my copy of the hobbit out tonight and make a start on it.

The film was fabulous, had a couple of slow places, and genuine laugh out loud moments too, the characters are excellent, I did worry myself a little that I fancied a dwarf until I realised he was Aidan Turner who I loved in being human, so I didn't feel so bad after that.

If you loved LOTR I highly recommend The Hobbit, if not avoid as you will likely not like it.

We watch movies online quite often and I am subscribed to two other online film services, but we will be topping up our Blinkbox account every month so we can watch the odd new release without having to wait for them to be sent out to us.

I would like to see them offer a monthly subscription service to allow you to watch most of the older films and TV series as part of that, this is mainly because paying for each episode works out more expensive for me as most of them are on my other services.

Head on over to Blinkbox and give it a try it is fast and simple to set up, you can also earn Tesco Clubcard points which is always a bonus.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fat Fabulous Four - Pastels

We are a week late this week due to all of us having crazy schedules last week, but we are here now and ready to go!

This week we are taking on pastels.

Pastels are always frustrating to me, the are usually colours which are paler than the base colour by adding white in paints, so red would become a pastel pink, blue pastel blur and so on, but there are so many colours out these days that its impossible to decide which are pastels is mint green a pastel or is it too bold.

So, the dress I have chosen is one I was sent, by simply be a while ago for review it is the cut out shirt dress and I think it is maybe a pastel pink or peach.

I seriously have the worst bra in the world on today and need a much better one as it makes the shirt pull across my chest!

The weather today is stunning clear skies and beautiful sunshine, but the wind still has a chill to it, so no sandals for me yet, I hate cold feet!

Here is a close up of the print and colour, it is very pretty.

Go and visit the other gorgeous girls, I know they will look gorgeous! 


Friday, 19 April 2013

The Maxi Attack from IGIGI

IGIGI is another of my favourite brands, they always make me ohhh and ahhhh when I visit the site.

At the moment, I am lusting after so many of there Maxi dresses, I am obsessed!

Three of my favourites are below.

This dress is just stunning, amazing for weddings and Christenings in the summer, the colour is just beautiful!

Bassa Maxi Dress
The gorgeous colours in this dress are just stunning, I think this is perfect for day and night, and again perfect for all occasions!

Phyllis Maxi Dress
This dress is just simply amazing, I am genuinely in love with it, the blue, pink and black all work to make it just perfect, and very much me!

Go take a look at the new Spring awakening collection, it really is beautiful!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Simply Be - Whats New

My love of simply be is not a secret and yet again they are blowing me away!

I have pulled together a few of my favourite items for you.

Shorts are the bane of my life, they always ride up, they did even when I was skinny, but these I would be willing to try all over again with!  I love the studs and the frayed edge.

The colours of this dress are perfect, I love electric blues, and teemed with the bright yellows and reds in this dress I am in love, but can I get over my fear of the body con?

This skirt is very much me in the 90's and I love it just as much now, which might be worrying, but I just don't care!

I love a good maxi dress and this one is gorgeous, it is bold and fun just what I need to brighten my summer!

I am totally and utterly in lust with this whole outfit, I am drying to try print on print and this is so beautiful I want it to be this!

I have been looking for the perfect trench coat for as long as I can remember and this one ticks a lot of my boxes, I love the khaki colour and that it is softened with the peplum this really might have to find its way into my wardrobe!

Has anything new at simply be caught your eye? 


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Statement Belt

Sorry I missed out on last weeks Fatshion Faceoff post, it seemed to be a bit of a disaster blogging wise, the post I had scheduled for wednesday didnt psot and wasnt in blogger anymore when I checked, and my computer had to go in to have its hard drive replaced on the thursday so lost all the pictures I had taken the day before.

But I am back on schedule this week and have managed to get my post sorted!

This weeks Fatshion Faceoff is a statement belt, mine is only a little statement, but I wanted to show that even a little accessory can make all the difference to even a casual outfit!

This is one of my favourite everyday dresses it is comfortable, and dog proof which for my everyday life is exactly what I need!

it is from Matalan which is where the belt is from as well and is teamed with my Simply Be leggings and Newlook flats.

This is the dress without a belt, it is fine, but a little shapeless and bland.

This is my little horse belt from Matalan.

And the dress with the belt, it just adds a little something and excuse me slouching my boobs do not normally try to devour the belt!

I am loving all the signs of spring outside, these 3 ducks were taking a snooze behind me.

Check out the other gorgeous ladies, they as always will look awesome!

Dani: DIY Fatshion http://www.diyfatshion.com
Hanna: The Wardrobe Challenge http://thewardrobechallenge.co.uk/
Mouna: Brussels Fatshion http://www.brusselsfatshion.org
Olivia: Wait Until The Sunset http://www.waituntilthesunset.com

The post which I missed last week should be up over the weekend, as soon as I have time to stop for 5 minutes. 


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wedding guest inspiration

The wedding season is here and I have been seeing lots of retailers advertising their wedding guest picks, so thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

As I have a fairly broad readership and I am a bit of an inbetweeny  myself I have included a broad range of size options but the sizes available are below the pictures to avoid frustrations.

Phase Eight

Phase Eight carry up to a size 20 and their jersey dresses I especially get on well with as my bust is a bit bigger than a 20 in materials with no give.
They have the most stunning selection of dresses!

They actually have a Wedding boutique section on the site HERE

This is by far my favourite, it is just do beautiful in the details, the mandarin collar and the buttons, and the beautiful muted colours are perfect for a spring wedding.

Size 8-20

Next on my list is this stunning Navy and floral dressI love the dark background and the pretty colours of the flowers.
Size 8-20

My next choice is this sexy little number which would be perfect for an evening guest.

Size 8-20

My Last dress selection from Phase Eight is a Maxi, I love their jersey maxi most fit fairly well on someone up to a size 22
Peony Print Maxi Dress £120
Size 8-20

Accessories are fabulous from Phase 8

Another place I love to shop for a wedding outfit is Debenhams, they have a very good size range.
Debenhams also have an amazing range of accessories and shoes, its perfect for a one stop shop without all the faffing!

The first dress that has caught my eye is this beautiful broderie prom dress.
Size 8-24

Next is this pretty spot print dress with a pleated skirt, so simple and pretty!

Size 10-24

I love the next dress, it is bang on the Monochrome trend and just a little different, could be easily brightened up with match accessories in a strong colour.
Size 12-24

Simply Be

Simply be are a godsend for me and many plus size women, the size ranges are fantastic.

My first choice is this gorgeous floral number which is so pretty for a springtime wedding.
Size 12-32

Next is something for an evening guest, it is a dark base but the sparkle makes it suitable for the evening.
Size 14-32

This next dress is from Joanna Hope and is available in standard and petite length which is perfect for short arses like me!
Size 12-32

I love the vibrant colour of the this last dress.
Rise Grace Bead Neck Dress £60
Size 14-32

DO you have any weddings this sumer?


Monday, 8 April 2013

My Asos Curve top ten sale picks!

Everywhere I look at the moment it seems there are sales on, Asos Especially have a fantastic selection so I though I would show you my lust list top ten from them.

1. Bodycon Dress £15

2. Blouse with soft peplum hem £18

3. Shirt Dress with Cold Shoulder £22.50

4. Lace dress £22.50

5. Leather look pencil skirt with cutwork detail £28

6. Skater Skirt in Leather £63

7. Lace Print Pencil Skirt £10

8. Lace Dress with Tutu Skirt £19.50

9. Leather Panel Trousers £63

10. Variegated Stripe Maxi Skirt £12.50

Well those are my top picks, take a look at the Curve Sale it is very good!


Fabulous Finds - Rockin' Rockette's Bedhead Boutique

Often whilst I am on Facebook things pop up on my timeline that I have little interest in, but sometime, once in a blue moon something amazing pops up, this is what happened with Rockin' Rockette's Bedhead Boutique, it popped up and I clicked on, but missed which of my friends had liked it first so whoever it was thank you!

It was the name that caught my eye at first once I searched the albums I was smitten!

Danielle is the gorgeous lady behind the brand and her tag line on her Facebook page is Kitsch and quirky accessories for Rockabilly Rebels! She makes them most amazing bags from vinyl records which are simply perfect and I need to get my hands on some!

The first thing to really catch my eye were the amazing Vinyl Records Clutch Bags and I need a million of them, in every fabric imaginable!

They are a fantastic size for nights out.

Another gorgeous little line is the Cardigan clips, something I am a little obsessed with but I am yet to buy any.

I want them all!

Danielle also has a range of cardigans with sewn on patches in sizes 8-24.

And finally the last items I am obsessing over is something every rockabilly girl needs, the Headscarf
Below are a few of my personal favourites.

 They are my favourites, but they come in a fabulous range of fabrics.

Head on over to Rockin' Rockette's Bedhead Boutique and as soon as I have spare funds for some of these, I will let you know how I get on.