Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Red Dress

This weeks challenge is a red dress and I decided not to go for the traditional bright red but a darker panelled dress from IGIGI.

With my creased studded jacket from Curvissa and my rocket dog boots.

It makes a change to take photos in daylight, but Marc didn't do so well with the lighting in this one :) 

This is my more traditionally red dress from Simply Be

Go and check out the other gorgeous ladies in the challenge, I know they will all look amazing!

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Feeling Fabulous in Fantasie

Before Christmas the wonderful Eveden team sent me this wonderful Fantasie Susanna set to review for them, and I had hoped to show it as a fabulous gift idea for christmas from a partner or to yourself.

Between being ill for weeks and then the craziness of christmas I just didn't manage to get it done in time, but now that the dreaded or loved date of February 14th is on its way I thought it would be a perfect time to show it off.

This set is stunning the antique gold lace is sexy, soft and just beautiful to look at, but it is such a fantastic shape that it is suitable for everyday wear or a sexy little date number.

So weather you are with someone or happily single, this set will make you feel amazing!

It gives a lovely shape under clothing

The straps are a lovely width and are ridged so you I haven't had to deal with any annoying straps loosening on me and slipping down.
It has 3 hook and eye fastenings with 3 rows.

The basque is stunning it is sexy comfortable and easy to wear.

I am also excited to see that Fantasie have just launched the Susanna Bra in a new colour way called petal which can be seen in the image below.

Fantasie is a pretty popular brand and can be found in most department stores and online in place such as figleaves but if you want to find a stockist near to you the Fantasie website has an excellent Store locator which shows stockists worldwide and can be found HERE

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Denim Vest

Denim Vest

So this weeks Fatshion Faceoff item is the Denim vest, which to be honest is not something I wear, the wonderful hanna lent me one hers to wear for this weeks challenge.

I am not sure what to make of them to be honest, it added a layer of warmth under my coat today but think I would like to revisit the denim vest idea as a more sumer time item maybe with a maxi dress or tea dress for a layered look.

But here is how I wore mine today, I am wearing my Wallis jumper and plain black leggings with my lace up knee high boots

So what do you think? is a denim vest for me?

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Curvissa Studded Jacket Review

The wonderful PR team at Curvissa approached me before christmas about the new spring/ summer range due in and asked me if I would like to try out something to review I was instantly drawn to the Studded Jacket from the PR image sent to me.

Spring is a time when I cant decide what to wear as the weather is so changeable and a biker jacket is something I have been thinking about for a while.

When the jacket arrived I was very impressed with the feel and weight of it, it costs £85 and is a lovely dark grey colour, I find black can be quite harsh on me and like the grey as it is a bit brighter.

This is a size 22 and it is a little big but it is comfortable and good for me to layer under so I am happy with that.

Sorry I look a little rough in the photos they were from before christmas when not too well, I am just now getting back into the swing of things and feeling completely better after weeks of passing various illnesses back and fourth in the house.

I cant find the link for the jacket at the moment, but as soon as I find it I will add it to the post. 

I love this jacket and I am in love with this one on the site too Faux Leather Jacket

Go check Curvissa out.


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fatshion Faceoff

This weeks Fatshion Faceoff is one of my favourite things a top/ dress with animals on it, I have a few items that fit the bill, but I love this dress so had to show it.

Sorry for the picture quality, I left my camera on again and it has no charge, so had to resort to the iPhone which to be honest is a bit naff in low light.

My dress is from the ASOS Curve range, after seeing the gorgeous Rosie in it, I know I needed it in my wardrobe!

it is a gorgeous little dress, but I have to say the jersey is a little thin and has faded very quickly, but I love it so much I still wear it.

You also get my fabulous christmas hat as it was freezing outside, it is a hat and scarf and it has pockets what more could I want.

Animals really to make me happy, I need more animals on my clothes :)

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Sales Picks

For this years sales I am totally and utterly broke! Therefore I thought I would pick some sale items that I am lusting after for you all to see, and dream of winning the lottery for another week!

First up is ASOS

ASOS curve Peplum Top in Tartan £20 was £40
I have a bit of a thing for tartan, but it is never made in plus sizes and while this isn't traditional tartan, I just love it, but kind of wish it was a V neck, I wonder if it can be altered somehow????

ASOS Curve Exclusive Fur Peplum Coat £38 was £85
When I went out with my husband for his christmas party I ended up just taking a shawl as my coats weren't dressy enough, this would have been perfect, I am hoping to get my hands on one before they sell out in my size, as it is fabulous!

ASOS Curve Wiggle Dress in Wallpaper Print £25 was £42
I wasn't sure about this until I saw it on ZeZaftig this morning and she looks amazing in it!
Now I need it!

Its tartan! what more is there to say.

Next up is Evans

I have been looking for something smart casual to wear with jeans out to lunch and shopping and I love this, navy is a bit of a love for me!

Swan by Clements Ribeiro Colour Block Doris Dress £30 was £65
I actually already have this dress, and it is only available in a couple of sizes 20 and 22 last time I checked, but it is a beautiful dress that I highly recommend!

Swan by Clements Ribeiro Corsage Embellished Cardigan £30 was £65 and Swan by Clements Ribeiro Lace Grace Dress £20 was £55
This is just such a gorgeous Cardi I love it belted like in the picture above and it would just add a little loveliness to any outfit!

 Swan by Clements Ribeiro Contrast Trim Toggle Coat £60 was £125
This is a bit of a marmite coat, and I never had a chance to try it on, but I can imagine it with lovely thick jumper underneath and walking through the park in it!

Next up is Simply Be

Hush Puppies Lace Boots EE Fit £45 
I adore these boots, and they come in four colours, but the Green is my favourite!

Cropped Floral Print Trousers £20
So many of the girls looked amazing in these trousers last year and I think they would look amazing for the spring!

Printed Peplum Top £18
I also have this top and it is fantastic! but size down, I got it in my usual 20 but think I should have gone for the 18!

Anna Scholz Side Pleat Dress £35
Sometimes we just need a walk on the wild side!

Anna Scholz Crinkle Bird Trim Dress £34
I think this is a fabulous little black dress and would make a great addition to my wardrobe!

and finally New Look

Who can say no to a bit of sparkle this would be fabulous with the 

Koko Gold Sequin capped sleeve dress £35
I saw some fabulous ladies in sequins this year and wish I was brave enough to go for it! I do love this one!

Koko Black and White Pearl Trim Peplum Dress £20
I love this dress, so simple but I love the pearls on the neck line, its a good one for work I think!

So thats my picks from the sales, has anything caught your eye?


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - PJ's

Well I have started off 2013 with a virus so Pyjamas have been a standard the last few days, but I am feeling weirdly happy and motivated, I even walked 6 miles today to collect a parcel, nearly died on the way back but was happy all the way!

I received these fabulous PJs from my mum and dad for christmas, they are from Marks and Spencer, I choose them and they were a fabulous bargain in their stevenage outlet store for £11.50.

excuse the closed eyes, I was having a moment, illness does this to me :) 

They are so fabulously baggy and comfortable, my only issue is that even though the top is a bit big, the buttons pop open all the time, so I am sewing them up, but other wise I am in love!

I would love to wear beautiful feminine nightwear, but I can never find anything in my size that makes me go wow, I also have to sleep in something as I freak out about spiders.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Good bye 20bloody12

I am not going to do a look back at 2012 post because apart from my blog and the love of my family and friends it was honestly a really horrid year for us, so what I am going to do instead is think about the things I want out of 2013 and what I can make happen!


2013 is about me and my health, asa general rule, I am pretty healthy, I have perfect blood pressure, excellent cholesterol and apart from a bit of asthma that I have had since I was 13 there is nothing really major BUT I am unfit!

Therefore I am going to walk more and get some exercise get my blood pumping and my endorphins flowing.

I am also going to beat my anxiety and depression and work hard on being positive about my life.


I need to go back to work both financially and for myself as being cooped up indoors all the time feeds my anxiety and agoraphobia, my CBT therapy is centred around beating my agoraphobia to make living my life easier.

Not sure what I want to do, I have over 10 years admin experience as well as a fair few years in retail and customer service so I have some options, if you know of anything keep me in mind ladies and gents.


2013 will be about enjoying time with family and my animals enjoying these simple little happy times more. 
I will take a break when I need it but not come to a stand still anymore.


In the last 3 years I can count the number of nights out I have had on one hand, my agoraphobia has made it difficult for me to enjoy group activities but I miss my friends and most of them probably have no idea whats wrong with me, as I have pretty much become a hermit.

I love all my friends dearly and want them to know it, so 2013 is going to involve more activities with them.


Last year I started my first year of an open university degree and my aim is to work my butt of to do my absolute best.


I have a husband who loves me for me and a gorgeous stepson who I love more than anything, we didn't get to do much last year but this year we will do more, if we cant afford to go out we will play games or watch a film together.

When we can, we will have days out.

Me and Marc need nights to ourselves and a date night occasionally is important!

Decisions, decisions, decisions......

2013 is about realising my life does not have to be set in stone, I can change my mind and make changes, it will have ups and downs but I need to work hard to make the ups more frequent!

Thank you

To finish off I want to thank all my readers for sticking with me through 2012 and also thank the amazing brands that I have had the chance to work with, I had the chance to attend some fabulous events last year and my blog has given me some amazing opportunities.

For all the fabulous ladies I have made friends with through my bog thank you for accepting me and making me welcome, you know who you are. 

I hope your coming year gives you all the light, love and happiness you deserve.


If Blogger decides to play nicely I will be back tomorrow with a FF post and I have a fabulous couple of reviews for you that I couldn't post before christmas due to blogger being useless.