Monday, 25 November 2013

Hi-Tec Luca Revisited and Reviewed

Hi guys, this post is so so far behind schedule, life in Lilybobomb Towers has been crazily manic recently, we have had illnesses, life changing events, Kitchens being fitted and all sorts of other frustrations; including not being able to actually reach my computer for the last two weeks due to the contents of our kitchen needing to be stored around the house until the work is finished.

We are here for now though so thought I best grab Marc and get this written, You can see the unboxing of the trainers HERE and see Marc's Initial thoughts on them.

Marc has thoroughly tested these trainers, he has been walking, running, the gym, and around town in them a number of times and they have held up fantastically.

I asked him to give me a brief review of them and he told me to let you all know that, they are incredibly light weight and very comfortable, they handled his long walk to work, much better than he had expected them to as he usually ends up with blisters and sore spots on his feet, and running was a breeze.
Marc suffers from bad back pain and hard soled shoes aren't always an option for him, although we both prefer to keep our trainers for exercise, sometimes trainers are the best option for him to manage his pain.

As you can see from the photo's below, although the blue is very bright, because the rest of the shoe is black they do not look too garish when wearing them with his casual clothing out and about.

Don't you just love the unpainted half removed floor! a kitchen refit is incredibly stressful, I do not recommend it!

I do have some other pictures but they are currently stuck on my mac surrounded by boxes, if I ever make it back in there I will try to add them on here for you.

Hi-Tec really have come on leaps and bounds since I was a teenager refusing to wear them for PE because they weren't what everyone else was wearing, heat over to the website and take a look for yourself HERE.

Marc has decided to set up his own blog focusing on his interests, he is a gamer, loves reading and films and also will talk about his life being a plus size man! I will keep you updated in case it is of interest to any of you.

Mhairi and Marc

Warming Winter Wonders with Heat Holders

Recently there was a shout out on twitter, looking for bloggers interested in reviewing some warming products, I will be honest, I jumped at the chance, I am a very cold person and our house is always bitterly cold in the winter. When I received the email to tell me the product was from Heat holders, I was intrigued as I had only recently been looking at them in my local Matalan and Tesco.

I was sent a pair of the Original Ladies Socks in black, they come in a fabulous range of colours as seen here in the promotional image.

Image courtesy of Heat Holders

The socks are knitted on the outside in a simple stocking stitch and have a super soft brushed wool on the inside that is really fluffy and warm.

Image courtesy of Heat Holders
They definitely keep my feet warm, our house loses so much heat, and my feet are always cold, I suffer pretty severe joint pain, in both my hands and fee,t and the cold always makes it feel so much worse. These socks have been a life saver!
I would like to see them a bit closer fitting as I found they slipped round on my feet quite a bit, but this happens to me with all my socks so I think I might just have awkward general.

I have washed them twice since I received them and they have washed brilliantly, keeping their shape well, they have bobbled a little bit but I wear them to death and have my dogs sitting on my feet constantly, which probably has more to do with it, to be honest.
This is how hairy my feet were after Ron, who you can see behind my feet rolled off them, he thinks they are snuggly so keeps sleeping on my feet! they were clean off the radiator about an hour before this photo. I am not complaining though, it certainly helps to warm them up even more. 

Head over to the heat savers website HERE to see the full range of products they offer, I am looking forward to getting some other pieces to see us through the winter.

The products can also be purchased through the Sock Shop website.

I would recommend these socks and I will be hopefully getting some of the slipper socks soon too which will be practical on our wood floors.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fatshion Faceoff - Maxi skirt

Maxi Skirts are one of my favourite wardrobe staples, as a short girl they can be quite hard to wear (well for me anyway) but when I find a good one I wear it to death! 

This summer I found it really hard to find one that I loved enough to splash out for so when I won £100 worth of Pink Clove vouchers I was glad to spot one on their website I wanted to try. I have to be honest though I haven't worn it much as I couldn't decide what top would look good with it as it is quite straight up and down, but I came up with an outfit I was pleased with, I felt comfortable yet stylish.

Skirt @Pink Clove - Blouse C/o Simply Be - Cardigan - Very Old New Look
I only managed to get one full length picture and my feet are missing so sorry. 

I teamed the Blouse/ skirt combination with my Wide belt to stop it all looking boxy.

Boots C/o Simply Be
I teamed the skirt with my Shoe boots from Simply be as they are great with skirts as it doesn't end up tucked into them.

A Little Close up of my new Glasses from SpecsPost

Head on over and check out the other gorgeous Fatshion Faceoff girls, I bet they look stunning!

Olivia Wait Until the Sunset (Australia)
Mouna Brussels Fatshion (Belgium)