Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Chaffree underwear - Review

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking to the lovely Amanda from Chaffree about their new products.

Anti Chaff shorts are something I have been wearing since my teens, under skirts and dresses. There has been little in the way of the good but plenty of the bad and the ugly. I started with cycling shorts as a teen, which never lasted long and to be honest were usually hot and sweaty as the materials were not very breathable. I then moved onto short tights from Evans in later years, which to be honest mostly drive me insane, as the legs rolled up and the waist rolled down, the sizing was never great and the seams were often uncomfortable for me, I have super sensitive skin that gets sore easily so rarely even wear tights for this reason.

When I heard about Chaffree I was interested to see if the lived up to their promises

  • Seamless, Stretchy, Lightweight and Quick Drying
  • Keeps skin cool and dry as made in the performance wicking fabric COOLMAX®
  • Latex Free with Anti Bacterial properties giving relief from sweating and chafing.

After asking Amanda a few questions, she really felt that her shorts could work for my ridiculously sensitive skin.
I have to say that they really do. I expected to have some gripes with the shorts as I have honestly hated every pair I have owned in the past. I wore them simply so I could wear a skirt without my legs being raw. even as a size 8 teen I never had the mythical thigh gap so long walks in just a skirt would make my sensitive skin raw.

The Chaffree Womens Knickerboxers  are a fantastic length and even come in two options 6" and 8" so you can have a shorter pair for short skirts or even for under summer shorts and culottes, if like me your legs even get sore in them.

I have been really unwell recently, part of my condition gives me what I call fluey skin, it prickles and burns as my nerves go crazy and my clothes feel painful against it. I have however worn these shorts on numerous occasions and they have not irritated my skin so far and I have also washed them many times and they still look and feel like new. The higher waistband on me in the size L/XL goes right up under my bra but I am pretty short at only 5'2 so not sure how that would work for taller women.

This is to give you an idea of where the shorts sit on me length wise in the longer leg L/XL I am also a size 22 apple shape to give you an idea of sizing.

I also have a some images from the site to give you an idea of fit and shape.

You can select mid rise or high rise waist.

These shorts are not shape wear so do not hold you in or make me you feel restricted in any way. the seams are placed in such a way that they don't rub between your legs and are lovely and stretchy.

I was also sent a pair of Womens Briefs in black which a lovely and cool under my clothing and fit beautifully. 

My lovely husband was also sent a pair of Mens Boxers which he said are amazingly comfortable and breathable. 

One of the things I would say these shorts would also be amazing for, is runners, the coolmax tech is comfy and cool and the smoothness of the material would be great to wear under shorts to keep things in place or to stop chafing in general.

Brices start at around £17 depending on style the longer shorts I was sent are £19, take a look around the site and give them a try if it is something you need. I plan on ordering myself a few more pairs and really want the blossom colour for under pretty light dresses this summer. 


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